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Samsung Galaxy 11 rumours

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy 11 ­ –or the ‘Picasso’ as it’s rumoured to be codenamed – is due to take place around February 2020, and rumours are flying.

While the tech giant has revealed a few juicy titbits, we’re largely in the dark when it comes to confirmed upgrades and features.

It’s possible that 5G will appear in all versions of the Galaxy S11, but given that 5G will be everywhere next year, this is unlikely to have a huge impact on price. However, the starting price of the Galaxy S10 is £799, so it’s clear: the Galaxy S11 won’t be cheap.

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As we’re real tech-lovers too, so we’ve done a little digging and gathered the latest gossip on the Samsung Galaxy S11, thanks to some insights from Tech Radar

When will the Galaxy S11 be released?

It’s believed the Galaxy S11 will be released some time in February. Samsung has a habit of releasing its smartphones on an annual basis, with the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10 Plus having been released in February 2019. As a result, it seems likely the Galaxy S11 will be launched in February 2020.

For those of you who are willing to queue in the pouring rain on release day, Tech Radar cites February 11 or February 18 as possible launch dates.

How much will a Galaxy S11 cost?

The tech website also offered a price prediction, guessing that the cheapest version of the Galaxy S11 will cost around £900, with the price rising according to a model’s memory capacity.

This bet is based on previous Samsung pricing patterns: the cheapest model of Galaxy S10 cost £799, which exceeded the price of the Galaxy S9, and there’s normally a small price hike for each new model.

There is, however, another rumour that a Samsung Galaxy S11 Lite might be released, which would be a more affordable option for those on budgets.

What will the Galaxy S11 look like?

Thanks to some leaked renders, we may have already had a glimpse of what the Galaxy S11 will look like.

The standard Galaxy S11 appears to have a screen that’s sized around 6.63-6.7 inches and is a little less curved than that of the Galaxy S10. The rear camera looks as if it has five lenses, and the bezels seem marginally smaller.

Its rumoured dimensions of 161.9 x 73.7 x 7.8mm (sitting at 8.9mm once the camera bump is reached), make it more sizeable than the Galaxy S10, which comes in at 149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8mm.

Adding fuel to the fire, a leaked render for a Galaxy S11 case matches the leaked design perfectly.

There’s also rumoured to be a 120Hz refresh rate. Compared to the S10 range’s 60Hz refresh rate, this will make for slicker interactions. This belief took root after a 120Hz mode was spied in a beta for the tech giant’s smartphone software.

It’s also thought that the S11’s aspect ratio will be taller in portrait mode and more widescreen in landscape mode than the S10’s.

The S10 has a 19.9 aspect ratio, while a browser test for a mystery Samsung model (purported to be the S11 model) suggested the possibility of a 20.9 aspect ratio.

The punch-hole camera may be relocated to a central position at the top of the screen, drawing comparisons with the Galaxy Note 10 range. The camera may be smaller than those on the Note 10 models, though, and there may be a narrower bezel, however it’s thought that the Galaxy S10 won’t be boasting a waterfall screen.

Another breadcrumb is Samsung’s move to trademark the name SAMOLED. This leads some to suspect that the Galaxy S11 could utilise fresh screen tech, as the name sounds like a twist on the AMOLED screens installed in current Samsung phones. How SAMOLED will compare remains unclear.

Selfie lovers shouldn’t get too excited, as patents are lodged all the time with little follow-through. That being said, Samsung has patented a two-screen design, which would do away with a selfie camera entirely, making for better snaps. The design would work by using a second, rear screen to frame shots using the main camera.

A previous Galaxy S10 model

What colours will the Galaxy S11 be available in?

It’s thought that the S11 will be available in black, grey and blue.

What will the Galaxy S11’s camera be like?

For many of us, a smartphone’s camera is the most important aspect of our buying decision. We carry our gadgets everywhere, on holiday, to the park, beach and out with friends – another reason we should all get dependable mobile phone insurance.

Given that 48MP and 64MP camera sensors have been publicly announced by Samsung, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility to suggest that one of them might feature in the Galaxy S11.

More tantalising still, the company also announced a 108MP sensor, which has directly featured in Galaxy S11 rumours, along with predictions that there will be a lens with 5x optical zoom, according to Tech Radar.

Another source has claimed that it’s likely a 108MP sensor will feature in the Galaxy S11, but in a newer form. Given that Samsung’s original 108MP sensor will probably be included in a Xiaomi handset soon, it seems logical that they’d concoct something fresh for the Galaxy S11.

An intriguing clue may also have been uprooted by another source, who states that the codename for the S11’s camera is ‘Hubble’. Of course, this is a nod to the famous space telescope, so many tech-detectives have concluded that this is a serious hint towards the S11’s superior zoom skills, making a 5x optical lens seem likely.

The codename could relate to the camera’s ability to capture the night sky – after all, Samsung have applied to trademark the name ‘Space Zoom’. Their description of this presents it as a general zoom mode, but that’s not to say it won’t have a knack for snapping the planets, moon and stars.

Samsung’s choice to trademark a ‘Bright Night Sensor’ fleshes out this rumour, indicating an overarching focus on night-time photography. A sensor is different from a low light mode, as it depends on hardware in addition to or alongside software.

The presence of an in-display front camera seems less likely, as a source has said that Samsung may hold back and let the tech develop a little, continuing on with punch-hole cameras and letting brands such as Xiaomi and Oppo lead the way.

A Galaxy S10 model smartphone

What battery capacity will the Galaxy S11 have?

According to Tech Radar, a Korean certification site leaked a snap that suggested the Galaxy S11 will boast a 4,500mAh battery, so the roots of this rumour seem pretty legitimate.

This would put the S11’s battery in the same league as that of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, which makes sense, given the impressive (yet power-guzzling) new tech that’s expected to feature in the S11.

What features and specs will the Galaxy S11 have?

Let’s start with a wildcard. Did you know that the Galaxy S11 could have its very own spectrometer?

Spectrometers can detect an object’s chemical composition – a rather strange but interesting feature to enjoy on your smartphone.

Samsung has patented a device similar to a phone that includes a spectrometer, so, of course, the rumours have started to swirl.

Moving on to more plausible rumours… for even zippier models, Samsung has pioneered a 12GB Mobile DRAM, which will allow models to sift through memory more rapidly, and it’s suspected that the Galaxy S11 will include this.

It’s also rumoured that the Galaxy S11 might lead the charge as the first phone to include a miniscule 5nm chipset, allowing it to outdo many other smartphones.

Another chipset related rumour comes with the announcement of the Snapdragon 865, which is highly likely to power US-released Galaxy S11s – other regions are expected to get an Exynos chipset.

Will the Galaxy S11 have a fingerprint sensor?

A fingerprint sensor is unlikely to make an appearance, after news emerged that the S11 might use facial recognition unlocking instead. This tech is admittedly slower than that of a fingerprint sensor, however, it’s more secure.

Will there be a 5G version of the Galaxy S11?

A source claims that customers will be able to purchase the Galaxy S11 in a 4G or 5G version. Further evidence of the S11 handset incorporating 5G was given in the form of a certification listing, which featured a handset with a model number connected to the S11 range.

One strange element of the listing was the mention of fast charging up to 25W; this would place the S11 behind the 45W Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus in the speed race.

Will the Galaxy S11 even be released?

One of the most dramatic rumours is that there may never be a Galaxy S11. It’s rumoured that the Galaxy S line might be discontinued, with the Galaxy Note 11 and S11 coming together to form the Galaxy One.

This would be a fresh series that merges all of Samsung’s top of the range features in one incredible smartphone.

Tech Radar says that chatter in Korea suggests, even if the S11 is released, it might be under a different name. Many of the biggest names in tech – Apple, Microsoft and Huawei, for example – that use numeric naming systems change to something new once they reach model number 10.

It wouldn’t be unheard of for Samsung to do the same, perhaps using a simplistic title such as Samsung Galaxy S, Tech Advisor says.

What are people hoping to see in the Galaxy S11?

A previous Galaxy S10 model smartphone

Although it’s a pain waiting so long for the launch of the Galaxy S11, it does give Samsung a window within which to reflect on and incorporate any suggestions…

  • A headphone jack

Despite the fact that the Galaxy S10 has a 3.5mm headphone jack, tech companies are increasingly producing smartphones that do without physical headphone jacks.

The problem with this it that many customers are yet to make the switch to Bluetooth earphones, so it’s likely many will still want a physical headphone jack to appear on the Galaxy S11.

  • More impressive battery capacity

Given how much fancy tech is rumoured to feature in the Galaxy S11, it’s going to need a greater capacity than the S10’s 3,400mAh battery.

Nowadays, we expect impressive battery life, so many of us are hoping to enjoy more than two days’ use of our smartphones, without the need to charge them up – something that’s not really feasible with the Galaxy S10 .

  • A greater range of launch colours

Ideally, Samsung will follow Apple’s lead when releasing the Galaxy S11, making it available in a more interesting variety of hues than the S10, which came in a limited selection of colours.

Samsung smartphones are known to be a little less exciting than Apple’s bright, fun designs – compare the look of the iPhone 11 and Galaxy S10, for example.

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