Samsung Galaxy S8: Release date and rumours

If there’s one smartphone release that can rival Apple’s iPhone 8 this year, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The two companies have long been rivals, with Apple having the lead in the market for quite a while. However, that all changed with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Suddenly, the gap between the Apple and Samsung was much smaller, if there at all.

Of course, when it comes to phones, many tend to stay loyal to the operating system they’re used to, be it iOS or Android. But with the Samsung Galaxy S7 proving to be one of the most powerful and accomplished smartphones on the market, could iPhone users be tempted by the S8?

One thing’s for sure, consumers will have less time to wait for the S8 than the next iPhone offering. But what exactly will the S8 offer? And when is it released?


As can be expected for the release of a major smartphone, the S8 is shrouded in secrecy. But numerous rumours have been flying around, and as we have seen before, these rumours tend to be quite accurate.

One of the most common rumours circulating the S8 is that, similar to the S7, Samsung will release two versions but both will feature curved screens.

It is not yet known what size these two devices will be but current predictions suggest they’ll either be 5.1-inch and 5.5-inch or 5.7- and 6.2-inch sizes.

So far, the screen has been the most talked about feature of the Galaxy S8. As well as rumours of a 4K display, it is widely speculated that the S8’s display will have a 90% screen-to-body ratio. In doing so, Samsung will be reducing the bezels and it’s likely that the Home button will be removed.

Another big rumour is that the S8 will feature an iris scanner as well as a fingerprint sensor that will be underneath the glass. This links to the rumours that Samsung is looking to lose the Home button and minimise the bezels – similar to what Apple is reportedly doing with the iPhone 8. And as we know from experience, the two companies like to compete with new technology.

One rumour that we’re taking with a pinch of salt is that the S8 will feature a foldable screen. Perhaps Samsung is working on this technology, but it seems unlikely that we will see foldable screens in 2017.

Release date

There has been no official announcement of when Samsung will be releasing its latest flagship phone, but we can make a pretty good prediction of when it will be available.

In recent years, Samsung has unveiled its new phone the day before Mobile World Congress starts. As MWC 2017 is scheduled to start on 27 February, it is believed that the Galaxy S8 will be released on 26 February.

This date has also been suggested by @Ricciolo1, the same source that accurately leaked the S7’s launch date.

If this is true, we won’t have long to wait until the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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