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Samsung Galaxy S9 rumours


We’re nearing the end of 2017, which has brought us the iPhone X, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the 2nd generation Amazon Echo. So, what will 2018 have in store?

Predictions have already begun to swirl, but there’s one forecast in particular that has got the rumour mill talking.

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 hitting stores early in 2017, it’s perhaps not surprising that so much focus has gone on to the possibility of the Samsung Galaxy S9. And, with Samsung following a strict annual release, it certainly seems highly likely.

Of course, there’s been no official word from the tech giant just yet, but here’s all the latest rumours:

Release date

The majority of the discussion around the S9 has so far been focused on when it will be released. The S8 was released at the end of March but, as Tech Radar reports, this was a month later than normal. So, a March release might be consistent with the S8, but the latest leaks suggest it will land at MWC 2018, held at the end of February.

A late February launch seems the most likely, however some rumours predict a January tease. This is due to the fact that the OLED screens, which many believe will be used in the phones, have been created earlier than normal. But a January release or even a tease does not seem probable. Those with an S8 would not be eligible to upgrade in January and Samsung itself has actually recently said that a January tease is “unlikely”.


An official price hasn’t been set but one thing’s for certain, it’s going to be expensive! The S8 cost £689 at launch, so you can expect the S9 to be at least the same amount, if not even more.

Screen and design

Images from reputable leaker @OnLeaks have recently been doing the rounds online, and these renders seem to be in line with previous rumours. They suggest that the S9 will have a similar design to the S8, with a curved screen, curved glass back, and minimal bezels.

However, the fingerprint scanner looks like it will move to a more central position just below the camera lens, making it easier to reach. There is also a single-lens camera on display, matching previous reports that only the S9 Plus will get a dual-lens camera.

While the design may not have changed much, you can bet Samsung has been working hard on the interior of the phone. And, according to reports from an unnamed industry source speaking to The Bell, Samsung has been focusing on the screen and has apparently been working on the display panels for the S9 since late March of this year.

Rumours suggest it will maintain the S8 aspect ratio of 18.5:9 and use Super AMOLED. There are conflicting reports as to whether the device will have an in-screen scanner – the latest renders certainly seem to suggest that the fingerprint scanner will be placed at the back of the phone, but we do know that Samsung has been working on a new water-repellent glass coating, making water bounce off the screen.

Samsung licensed this tech in late 2016 and revealed that it was planning to include it in an upcoming phone. Could this phone be the S9? We certainly hope so – it would make using your phone in the rain a lot easier!

How many of these rumours do you think will feature in the Samsung Galaxy S9?


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