Samsung’s Galaxy Camera 2 will hit the shelves in February and will retail for around £399 plus VAT. The successor to the Galaxy Camera is far more powerful than its predecessor, with twice the RAM, a 20% larger battery, and a processor that has leapt to 1.6GHz from 1.4GHz. It also features 28 different shooting modes – 9 more than the previous model – as well as improved image-processing software, a Smart Mode Suggest option, a full-sized 4.8” Super Clear LCD screen and a 21x zoom lens with amazing detail.

The utility of a smart camera may be lost on some people, but professional photographers will be sure to love its Xenon flash and optical zoom, with Android functionality making the camera far more versatile than many of its competitors. Rather than just using it to record movies and photographs, this smartphone-style connectivity allows you to GPS-tag images, use a range of other powerful photography apps, and connect with friends while shooting.

The high level of NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity the Galaxy Camera 2 boasts means you can connect the camera with your smartphone and share images across the world wherever you are. Buyers will also receive 50GB of cloud storage through Dropbox for two years, allowing them to store their images remotely and back up their precious photographs and recordings.

Samsung’s Smart Watch did not have the success the company wanted, but the original Galaxy Camera was highly praised, with reviewers and photographers loving the cutting-edge connected device. The tech giant looks set to duplicate this success with the Galaxy Camera 2.

But these top-of-the-line cameras don’t come cheap, and photographers will need to take out camera insurance or smart camera insurance so they’ll be covered should the worst happen. If you’re looking for gadget insurance, find out what Gadget Cover could offer you today!