Scottish smartphone use is increasing faster than in any other country of the UK.

This is according to Ofcom’s Communications Market Report 2014, which found take-up in the country increased by 17 percentage points in the last year to reach 62% in 2014, putting the country broadly in line with the UK’s average of 61%.

Scotland is also seeing a notable growth in the use of tablet computers, with 42% of households owning a Kindle Fire, iPad or other tablet in 2014, representing a 18 percentage point growth over 2013.

Broadband usage rose six percentage points over the year to reach 76%, narrowly underneath the UK’s average of 77%. This growth has seen eight in ten Scottish households owning some kind of internet connection, putting this in line with the UK’s average of 81%.

However, Scottish internet users say they spend an average of 16 and a half hours on the internet every week, just under the UK average of 16 hours and 54 minutes. Nonetheless, Scottish people are still using the internet significantly more regularly than those in Northern Ireland and Wales.

Ofcom’s Digital Day research found that people in Scotland typically spend more time on media and communications than those in all other UK nations, at 11 hours and 41 minutes every day, compared with 11 hours and 7 minutes across the UK. Scottish people were found to spend 39% of their daily communications and media consumption using a television set to watch TV, just beating the UK average of 37%. They were also the most likely to keep up with national news with their television set, with 80% of Scottish respondents citing the TV as their top news source in 2013.

A total of 43% of Scottish households now own a DAB digital radio – 14% higher than in 2013 – bringing Scotland in line with the UK’s average of 44%.

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