While most of us buy expensive iPhones and android-based phones, we often think of safeguarding our precious possession against the potential threats, specifically saving the screen against scratches and damage. Here we have listed different kinds of screen protectors to save your phone’s screen.

1.      Glass  Screen Protectors

Glass screen protectors are usually 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm in thickness and usually scratch resistant. Glass protector saves the phone’s real screen in case of accidental drop. They sit comfortably on the screen and look and feel like a real phone screen.


  • Replacing the glass screen protector is easier and cheaper than replacing the phone’s real screen.
  • It’s sturdy and feels like original screen.


  • At times, glass protectors might look a little raised from the sides and this is true, especially with iPhone5. Users, too keen on the aesthetics looks should opt for other kinds of protectors.

2.      Clear Screen Protector:

These are also known as invisible protectors, due to its thickness of only three mm. Clear protectors are transparent and give the phone a very clean look. The protector neatly rests over the phone thus there is a minimal disruption when you are looking at the screen.


  • Clear screen protectors are easily available and very economical.
  • It prevents the device against any scuff and scratches and the stay clean edges prevent the dirt settling in the corner of the phone.
  • It’s very easy to apply the protector on the screen.

3.      Plastic Screen Protectors:

With the basic purpose remaining the same, the plastic screen protectors can also protect the phone well. Based on your personal preference; you will find the protectors in various price ranges starting from a pack of 3 or 5 for a dollar.


  • Much cheaper than glass protectors.


  • Difficult to install the plastic screen protectors into the phone.
  • Not as strong as the glass protectors

4.      Anti-Glare Film:

An anti-glare screen protector with a matt finish is a great accessory for your phone if you spend several hours in the outdoors. It is very easy to install the anti-glare films and keeps the phone free from fingerprints and scratches.


  • It protects the phone against scratches.
  • Since the anti-glare screen prevents the sunlight to reflect from the screen, you can increase the battery life by decreasing the brightness of the phone.


  • The Anti-Glare screens require frequent changing due to fingerprint and scratches to the screen itself.
  •  Air bubbles moving down the screen reduces the clarity and gives an unappealing look.

5.      Privacy Screen Protectors:

The Privacy Screen Protector is about 8 mm thick and is great if you need to stop the prying eyes from looking through the screen. These protectors darken the screen, thus making it difficult to look into the screen from different angles.


  • The privacy screen protector stops people from looking into your typed messages or pictures.
  • It protects the screen in case of accidental drop-offs.


  • The protector does not aid in case someone is trying to look through the screen right from the back.
  • It may sometimes reduce the screen clarity and brightness depending on the quality of the protectors.