Sennheiser has been making quality earphones since the late 1940s, producing headphones that meet every budget without compromising on sound, and the company has continued in this vein with its new Momentum On-Ear headphones.

But while Sennheiser is famed for the quality of its headphones, its new products also focus on fashion and function, with the beautiful devices packing a huge range of features in a lightweight frame. They also come available in seven different colours, allowing people to put a personalised, contemporary, and bespoke flourish on the eye-catching, retro headphones.Sennheiser-Momentum-On-Ear

With sound quality enhanced with high-end transducers, allowing users to hear every last detail of their songs, and with durable, supersoft earpads to provide a high standard of comfort, the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones have received rave reviews from audiophiles across the globe. Unlike other high-end earphones on the market today, people are calling these headphones ‘timeless’, with Digital Trends suggesting that they might even be passed down to users’ children in 30 years time, arguing the headphones provide quality comparable to those offered by Dr Dre’s ‘Beats’ headphones while looking substantially cooler and being somewhat cheaper.

They even feature a smooth, sleek in-line iRemote controller and a microphone, which can connect with Apple devices, allowing users to control music and telephone calls with ease and convenience.

And with a recommended retail price of £169.99, they could be a great investment for people who really love their music and who want to enjoy timeless audio quality for decades.