PC market beware. The Gartner research group has now made public some statistics which should make all PC makers take notice. By the year 2015, tablets will outsell laptops and desktops combined. The latest estimation from Gartner means one thing – Microsoft better step up innovation within the smartphone and mobile tablet markets or face possible extinction. Now this is a bit over the top, but something to think about nonetheless. Android and iOS are here to stay and posing massive amounts of competition to all those not manufacturing products not utilizing apps. An undeniable shift is currently taking place within the small electronic device market and some companies are leaping ahead while other companies are sitting practically immobile.

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While the Android family of devices has become popular in the last few years, it falls quite short of what is expected by the year 2017. Shipment figures for these types of devices will tower over Windows PCs and phones, according to Gartner. It is possible that Android will be on board more than a billion devices by the year 2014. This major hurdle, according to Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi, is in line with the number of Android systems installed today.

Microsoft has been the industry leader for years and that could change at least for their hardware side of manufacturing in the near future. Milanesi commented on the possible implications the company is facing, saying: “Winning in the tablet and phone space is critical for them to remain relevant in this shift. We’re talking about hardware displacement here – but this shift also has wider implications for operating systems and apps. What happens, for instance, when

[Microsoft] Office isn’t the best way to be productive in your work?”

Milanesi added: “Android is going to get to volumes that are three times those of Windows. From a consumer perspective, the question becomes: what software do you want to have to get the widest reach on your devices? BlackBerry may say that its QNX software [used as the basis of BB10 on its new phones] can go into cars and phones, but Android is already in fridges. That’s the challenge.”

As far as mobile devices, the future looks extremely bright. There will be no shortage and only more devices of the mobile type seem to be hitting the shelves globally. When purchasing these small devices strong gadget insurance should also be considered. Accidental damage and theft are unfortunately part of our world, but we can always be more prepared for these things to happen.–