Smartphone insurance
Technology experts believe that consumers are going to become more dependent on their smart phones than they may be already.  What used to be a device to keep people connected and allow them to communicate from any location has quickly become a replacement for other technical devices, a mobile office, pathway to entertainment and news, and even a source of payment collections for business owners.  Not only does this signal that businesses must think of how to do business with smart phone users but users must consider the importance of their smart phones, the data it carries for them, the devices it replaces or replicates, and the investment they have in their phone.

As the technology of these devices advances, and it does so rapidly, the cost of the phones are becoming an investment that would not be easily replicated from most personal budgets.  Many users buy their mobiles with discounts provided by their mobile service provider.  The discount is usually available after a certain number of years and with a new contract.  Without the discount from the provider, the cost of the phone could be triple the cost or more.  Few people consider that many providers only offer coverage on the newly purchased phone for a short time period or that the coverage is geared to benefit them versus the user.  The emergence of gadget cover has enabled users to choose the coverage benefits they need and want at an affordable cost to give them peace of mind.

The need for appropriate insurance for a mobile phone has become important as the devices have become more important in daily living and more expensive.  According to the Euromonitor International’s Passport: Consumer Electronics, there is a mobile phone in 78% of the world’s households today.  This is an increase of 20% over the data collected in 2000.  The greatest number of smart phone users versus feature based mobile phone users are in Western Europe, Australia, and the US.  That is expected to change by 2016 when it is estimated that of all mobile phones 78% will be smart phones, which is defined as a device with an identifiable operating system, ability to install applications, and a screen size of less than 6 inches that has a primary function of communication.

Technology experts believe that in the near future smart phones will replace credit cards, debit cards, checks, coupons, hold health care information, maintain important document filing, monitor drivers for car insurance and have capabilities of replacing many more entertainment devices such as music players, scanners, cameras, and camcorders with better technological features and better memory capabilities.

While the mobile phone or smart phone you currently use may not be as advanced as what is expected in the near future there is still likely a great need to have it nearby and the thought of doing without it would be stressful.  Replacing such an expensive investment could be difficult and for both the need to be able to replace it quickly and without thought of the impact on one’s budget it is important to insure you have proper gadget cover for your smart phone.