The smartphone market is a dangerous place to tread for any company other than Samsung and Apple. Many other companies have tried, but currently the arena has no other true competition. It is a fact that new smartphones are hitting the shelves each month. But the other companies are simply trying to stay above water with the twenty to thirty percent of the market which are not buying an iPhone or Galaxy model smartphone. The two big heavyweights are dominating the scene as of right now and it is certainly a race for third place.

Smartphone companies like Apple and Samsung have dominated the market for a few years now and that does not appear likely to change soon. The reason for their superiority is simple. They keep creativity at the center of everything involved with the design of the phone. Another reason is the ability to control the processor strength. Both companies are makers of the processors within their phones. Make no mistake, they both offer strong handsets, but they are more than likely spending a lot of time watching each other and evaluating what the next steps will be based on what the other company is currently offering.

Smartphones are high tech micro devices able to perform functions once thought of being only possible on larger laptop sized devices. They contain processors comprised of not only single core, but dual core and quad core. The octa core is now even possible and contained within the next Samsung Galaxy model, the S4. It really means eight cores are being integrated into performing functions within the phone. Regardless of the processor size or the exterior strength, phones such as these are still sensitive devices. They are still capable of being accidentally damaged or exposed to a water element causing damage inside the protective shell. Gadget insurance is an excellent choice in regard to protecting these high tech tools. No one sees an accident coming and certainly wants to be prepared when it happens to them.

Mobile phone insurance can be researched online and there is no better way to protect a small electronic device from damage or theft. There are multiple types of plans available and payment for these plans is a breeze. Automatic withdraw from a bank account is possible so payments can be made without even raising a finger.

Smartphones have taken a giant leap forward in the last few years. They have almost officially replaced the need for tablets or laptops in many instances. Who ever thought processing power could reach a point of being housed in a unit so small and so mobile? Tablets have made quite a dent in the need to bring a clunky laptop when going out and about. But, even in the case of a tablet, size possibly becomes an issue. Smartphones are now becoming a solution to the size conundrum. They are lightweight, powerful, and versatile. But, make no mistake. They are just as sensitive to drops, rough handling, and moisture damage as any tablet or laptop on the market. Gadget insurance is a way to protect our devices from the dangers which exist in our everyday world.–