Smartphone is the king of all mobile phones in the US and ownership numbers are there to prove it. Recently released figures by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project indicate smartphones have become the clear favorite when compared with feature phones. The US adult population has displayed their love for the smartphone and more than 55% of adults own one, according to Pew. This is breaking new ground for smartphones as it is the first time since numbers such as these have been tracked that the majority of the population owns a smartphone. Possibly even more surprising, less than 10% of all adults in the US do not own a mobile phone.

The ages of today’s smartphone owners are all over the board. Young adults represent the highest number of smartphone owners with almost 80%. Adults 65 years and over are constantly making a ripple in the number of smartphone owners, as seniors are increasing their ownership numbers each month. The group has grown by 5% in smartphone owners.

Android has taken a slight lead in the number of phones supported by the platform. There is only a 3% difference in the number of Android owners to Apple owners, according to Pew. About 25% own Apple devices, while 28% are the owners of Android. Blackberry and Windows phones sit in distant third and fourth spots with 4% and 1% ownership

The Pew study offered valuable insight into the types of individuals which owned smartphones as opposed to other types of phones. Smartphones have become quite popular over the past few years and the popularity of them seems to be constantly growing. Smartphones are so flexible and are user friendly, it makes sense they continue to grow in ownership number.

Aaron Smith of the Pew commented on the numbers of Android users, saying: “Android and iPhone owners are equally common within the cell owner population as a whole, although this ratio differs across various demographic groups.”

Smith added: “Cell phone owners from a wide range of educational and household income groupings have similar levels of Android adoption, but those from the upper end of the income and education spectrum are much more likely than those with lower income and educational levels to say they own an iPhone. Indeed, fully half — 49 percent — of cell owners with a household income of $150,000 or more say their phone is an iPhone.”

Experts in business trends have been heralding in the “age of mobile business”. It is with the smartphone that more consumers will be making purchases, searching for sources, and doing business in general. Businesses that are quick to adapt to doing business by mobile phone will be ahead of those that do not. As consumers make more use of their smartphone and manufacturers make them more flexible and powerful it is expected that people will spend the majority of time on their smartphone doing Internet functions and emailing than on their PCs.

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