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The iPad Mini 3 And Its Alternatives

Apple has released its latest mini tablet, iPad Mini 3, in Oct 2014, following the success of its predecessor, the iPad Mini 2. While it has several features similar to the iPad 2, its key selling feature is the Touch

The iPad Air 2 And Its Alternatives

  Apple has introduced the  iPad Air 2 as the thinnest iPad ever and it is certainly the best. But it is definitely not the only one offered in the market. There are several other brands that are worth considering

The iPad Evolution

Apple Inc. first introduced the iPad in April 2010 and then offered several versions in the successive years. iPad is an iOS based tablet computer that offers some great features like multi-touch screen, camera and video shooting, virtual keyboard, Wi-Fi, fantastic

Are tablet sales set to slow down this year?

Tablets have enjoyed meteoric success in recent years, with 2013 seeing more international sales of tablets than laptops and with market analysts Canalys suggesting that they could become more popular than notebooks in 2014 and reach market dominance in the

Should you buy a laptop or a tablet?

Tablet sales have soared in the last few years, and their skyrocketing success has dampened the laptop market. A tablet computer is perfect for many people, who may find they need nothing else for their computing requirements. Despite the damage

Over a quarter of eight-year-olds have tablets

Tablets are not just for adults any more – parents are buying tablets for their children in growing numbers, making lessons, bedtime stories and homework simpler and more interactive. Tablet insurance is vital for these families – even the most

The rising dominance of tablets

Tablets have been increasing in popularity for years, but 2014 could be the year they finally achieve market dominance, after surpassing desktop PC sales for the first time ever in 2013. Market analyst Canalys predicts that over 2014, tablets will

Top Ten Christmas Gadget ideas

Are you planning on buying a technophile a gadget for Christmas? Our Gadget Cover researchers have looked through the market to find the best gadgets to put under the tree this year. iPad Mini 2 Enjoy the full iPad experience

Christmas kids’ gadget bill to reach £3bn

This Christmas, British parents will spend more than £3 billion on gadgets for their children, uSwitch.com research has found. The average child will receive technology valued at £243, with 16% of parents spending more than £400 on Christmas gadgets for

Apple users struggle with glitchy iOS 7

Apple's new operating system, iOS 7, was critically acclaimed when it was released last month, with its new features and clean interface impressing people all over the world. But as iPhone users have gotten to grips with the new system,

Gadget Cover’s top back-to-school gadgets

With the long summer holidays drawing to a close, parents across the UK are investing in technology to support their children's education at school. While back-to-school shopping might have just involved folders, biros and paper a few years ago, children

ITC bans US imports of several Samsung products

The International Trade Commission (ITC) has banned US imports of a number of Samsung devices, upholding a 2011 ruling that found Apple's patents had been breached in some of Samsung's mobile phones, tablets and media players. While the banned products

Apple Earbuds Aim for Comfort

- Headphones allow us to take our music with us and enjoy the sweet sounds without interrupting anyone in the process. Ever since Apple introduced the iPod several years ago, the ear buds have had a place in pop culture.

Apple Releases iPad with Bigger Memory

-Electronic devices have come a long way in a short amount of time and the tablet is a great example of what the future holds. Tablets have replaced many laptops and through the use of Skype many smartphones as well.

iPad 2 insurance that is cheap AND trusted?

- Your iPad 2 is one of the most popular gadgets nowadays. And it is expensive. And the ways of damaging it are almost endless. It’s no wonder why people - like you - have realised the importance of low