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Apple Announces Update to Battle Theft of iPhones

-Apple picking continues to be a major problem not just in the UK, but in the US as well. The term has been coined through many highly sought after Apple products being targeted for theft while owners are busy distracted by other things. The thefts typically take place whilst owners are out in the middle

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No Shortage of New Apple Products

-It seems the smartphone war will continue forever. At least Apple and Samsung will duel until the last man, or company, is standing. Since Samsung took the lead this year and outsold Apple during Q1 for smartphone dominance, mobile phone makers are not just upping the number of phones released, but features on those phones

Apple iPads Dominating Overall Tablet Activity

-Tablets have become the go-to electronic gadget for millions of consumers. Ever since Apple delivered the iPad, the world has come to know computing at the tablet level. Now, there are so many tablets floating around the world in every coffee shoppe and bookstore that is seems almost odd to see someone open a laptop

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Apple Changed the Landscape of Gadgets

-Who knew back in 2007 when Apple decided to drop the word computer from its name that we would be here. After the PowerBook, iPod, iPhone and iPad, Apple redefined the usability of personal consumer electronic gadgets and created a subculture like no other. Steve Jobs was the architect for all the new products, and

Release Date set for the Samsung Galaxy S4

-Competition for leading the pack within the smartphone market is keen and getting more challenging each day. What was once a playground for Apple and its technologically advanced stable of smartphones is now fair game for all and there are many players putting up major challenges. The lead role Apple held at one time is