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Apple to Offer Trade-In Plan in Stores

-Apple users take note. The California based company will be introducing a trade-in plan soon to help Apple customers take advantage of the newest iPhone available. The scheme is intended to help iPhone owners let go of the old and grab hold of the new model, so to speak. Apple will be partnering with Brightstar

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IPod Touch Sales Surpass 100 Million Units

-The introduction of the iPod several years ago made music more portable than ever. It quickly became an iconic device and completely changed the way we listened to mobile music. Next, in 2007, came the device we would know today by the same name, the iPod Touch MP3 player. Not only did the Touch make

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Apple Set to Possibly Introduce Watch

-At a recent conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook remarked about the Google Glass saying he didn’t think there is the possibility for mass appeal. Additionally, he mentioned there are Apple products in the works which could be seen sooner as opposed to later, namely the Apple watch. The wearable device is supposed to complement the

New Apple Products Highly Anticipated

-The global smartphone market is becoming quite crowded. Companies such as HTC, Samsung and Nokia have set the bar high with their latest releases and the following will no doubt be just as impressive. The worldly brand of Apple is now squarely on the radar screen and every loyalist is watching closely for the next

Apple Picking a Real Threat

-The Apple brand name has become more popular as the years pass. And Apple products have followed suit, with many of the devices being recognized from a mile away. That is turning out to be quite a misfortune for many owners of the gadgets. Theft of these devices has become so popular that the term

Apple Earbuds Aim for Comfort

- Headphones allow us to take our music with us and enjoy the sweet sounds without interrupting anyone in the process. Ever since Apple introduced the iPod several years ago, the ear buds have had a place in pop culture. We all recognize the earbuds when we see them out and about, and especially at

Google adds New Service for MP3 Loyalists

-Online music sites have become quite popular over the past few years. Sites like Pandora, Spotify and MOG are now the go to spots for the best streaming music which is downloadable to mp3 players, smartphones and other devices. Google is now adding another streaming music service to compete with all the big favorites. It

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Apple Changed the Landscape of Gadgets

-Who knew back in 2007 when Apple decided to drop the word computer from its name that we would be here. After the PowerBook, iPod, iPhone and iPad, Apple redefined the usability of personal consumer electronic gadgets and created a subculture like no other. Steve Jobs was the architect for all the new products, and