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Google Increases Retail Push of Chromebook

-Laptops are under siege currently by the large number of consumers deciding to go with tablets instead. Last year the statistic regarding tablet sales proved that and indicated quite a shift in global electronic sales. For the first time, tablet sales outnumbered PC sales in the year 2012. And by all indications that trend will

Apple iPhone 6 Information Released

-Apple is locked in a wicked fight over smartphone supremacy with Samsung and the Galaxy line. The two firms have been trading the top spot for a couple years now and the fight seems to continue. While the Samsung S4 is still fairly new to the market still, news of the Apple iPhone 6 is

Nokia Releases Lumia 925 Smartphone

-Smartphone makers sharpen your pencils. The global stage continues to be a high tech who can up who competition of late with the consumers winning in the end. To be considered by anyone to purchase smartphone models must now sport a fantastic camera, user friendly interface and a lightning fast processor. All those things and

Tablets Used for Online Purchases Increases

-Tablet and other mobile transactions continue to increase in the UK, creeping towards a milestone usage amount of 20%. Currently, according to online marketing services provider, Rakuten LinkShare, sales in Britain through tablets and other mobile devices are now eclipsing 17% of overall transactions. Data such as this highlights a trend of more use of