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Top 5 unusual uses of the Apple Watch

Video Link It’s a well-known fact that the stylish Apple watch complements the Apple iPhone. However, it can also be used as a standalone device which can perform several functions that we are sure will be useful to you at some point! 1. Life saver: In distressing situations when the iPhone is completely disconnected, the user

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Samsung Introduces High End Camera with S4 Zoom

-Smartphones with impressive on-board cameras are now becoming the norm and Nokia has recently set the bar high. The Nokia released a smartphone with what was referred to as high-end technology. Many companies quickly became wide-eyed and started developing their own versions of high-end camera technology. Samsung has achieved that with the Galaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung Galaxy NX is Connected, Mirror-less and Powerful

-The smartphone may have captured a large audience with its photo taking capabilities but there are still many out there that want more in a photographic experience than pointing a smartphone can give no matter how many megapixels it may have. For those looking for the camera in hand experience with the ability to capture

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Are You Using Your Smartphone to Its Potential?

-Smartphones have the ability to do almost anything to make your life more organized and entertaining. You can watch movies, chat via video, play games, read books, watch an online instructional class or video, shop, banking, communicate and pretty much anything else you would want from a gadget. However, you may be missing out on

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Top Ten Tablet Buying Tips

-Tablets today come with a multitude of options for the everyday buyer to consider. There is a tablet best suited for each person’s individual needs, but sometimes it is difficult to determine which model can best satisfy those needs. The guessing game will only become more difficult as time passes, as more and more manufacturers

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ICoil Keeps Headphone Wires Tangle Free

- Tangled earphone wires have plagued us for years now. How many times have they been stuck into your purse or gym bag in their natural state, and then rediscovered hours later in a jumbled mess. We have all had it happen and we all would be grateful for a solution. The answer to our

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Twitter Spat Involves Two Heavyweights

-The recent mobile awards not only provided a stage for the winners in various categories, but also showcased a Twitter war of words between two heavyweights in the industry. HTC started the verbal spat when they sent a tweet moments after capturing the award for mobile phone of the year. The HTC One handset won

Apple iPhone 6 Information Released

-Apple is locked in a wicked fight over smartphone supremacy with Samsung and the Galaxy line. The two firms have been trading the top spot for a couple years now and the fight seems to continue. While the Samsung S4 is still fairly new to the market still, news of the Apple iPhone 6 is

New Microsoft XBox One Details Emerge

-For those who thought the new Microsoft Xbox One would be able to function as a game console without the use of the internet, or offline, please read the fine print. So far, the details which have emerged about the next Xbox paint a slightly different picture than the one originally portrayed through the media.

Microsoft Confident in New Halo Game

-Microsoft is betting that the popularity of their game Halo is enough to help boost the sales of their mobile devices, pads, and computers. By offering an affordable and exclusive version of the Halo franchise, Microsoft is betting on gamers taking up the devices that run Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. The game called

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