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Android Continues to Increase Market Presence

- The mobile phone market has gone through several big changes over the last decade. One of the biggest is the introduction of the Android operating system. Another is the development of a handset beyond the feature phone known as the smartphone. The smartphone enabled us to do much more than just make a phone

More Affordable HTC Phone Features Dual Speakers

-HTC turned many heads recently with the release of a smartphone with an all-aluminum chassis and speakers which were mounted on the front of the phone face. The dual phone system is now basically a stereo system featuring sound coming out of two forward facing speakers. This will serve any user quite well when viewing

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Tom Tom Enters Watch Market

-For those who love electronic gadgets and their sat nav, a new product soon hitting the market will quickly become a must have. Tom Tom, the global go to in the sat nav market for years, is introducing a watch which is making GPS on the wrist possible. These watches are an effort by Tom

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