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Most homebuyers ‘do not change their locks’

A burglary is invariably a stressful and expensive experience, and can make people feel insecure in their own home years down the line. Homeowners should take a few simple proactive steps to reduce their likelihood of being burgled and losing their smartphones, laptops and other important gadgets. Research by Ocean Finance has shown that more

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Bedford teen loses headphones in robbery

Two people have been charged in connection with a robbery in Bedford. On November 14th at around 10:30pm, a 19-year-old man was robbed of his tobacco and headphones as he walked along Alexandra Road. Although arrests have been made in this incident, Detective Constable Surinder Ram wishes to trace other people who may have witnessed

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Apple Announces Update to Battle Theft of iPhones

-Apple picking continues to be a major problem not just in the UK, but in the US as well. The term has been coined through many highly sought after Apple products being targeted for theft while owners are busy distracted by other things. The thefts typically take place whilst owners are out in the middle

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Google Increases Retail Push of Chromebook

-Laptops are under siege currently by the large number of consumers deciding to go with tablets instead. Last year the statistic regarding tablet sales proved that and indicated quite a shift in global electronic sales. For the first time, tablet sales outnumbered PC sales in the year 2012. And by all indications that trend will

Top Ten Tablet Buying Tips

-Tablets today come with a multitude of options for the everyday buyer to consider. There is a tablet best suited for each person’s individual needs, but sometimes it is difficult to determine which model can best satisfy those needs. The guessing game will only become more difficult as time passes, as more and more manufacturers

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No Shortage of New Apple Products

-It seems the smartphone war will continue forever. At least Apple and Samsung will duel until the last man, or company, is standing. Since Samsung took the lead this year and outsold Apple during Q1 for smartphone dominance, mobile phone makers are not just upping the number of phones released, but features on those phones

Sony Tablet Slides into a Laptop

-Sony currently has a slew of new products coming out on the market. The VAIO series of laptops (11 and 13 inch) are a hit with the Haswell Intel processors and touch screens. The laptops are also stylish as the VAIO series features a limited edition model in red. These laptops are priced a little

Apple Unveils new Mac Pro

-The Apple brand name is synonymous with creative new design of gadgets and new rollouts at the recent Worldwide Developers Conference confirm that. Apple rolled out some impressive new gadgets and created much needed buzz for the California-based company. Apple is still reeling after Samsung overtook the top spot among smartphone sales earlier this year

Android Based Devices Focus for Acer

- The day of the “Droidbook” and “Droidtops” may be upon us. At least that is how the Acer Company is viewing the utilization of Google’s Android platform. The company sees great potential in the development of more laptops with Android pushing the system compared with traditional PC-style software capabilities. The Acer Company recently rolled

Twitter Spat Involves Two Heavyweights

-The recent mobile awards not only provided a stage for the winners in various categories, but also showcased a Twitter war of words between two heavyweights in the industry. HTC started the verbal spat when they sent a tweet moments after capturing the award for mobile phone of the year. The HTC One handset won