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How can I use IEM earphones safely?

Years ago, in-ear monitors (IEMs) were a novel innovation, used by no-one but the most committed audiophiles. Most people made do with cheap earphones that rested outside the ear, but when IEMs became more affordable, consumers naturally switched to them to enjoy their superior standards of audio quality and ambient noise reduction. IEMs can still

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Samsung Introduces High End Camera with S4 Zoom

-Smartphones with impressive on-board cameras are now becoming the norm and Nokia has recently set the bar high. The Nokia released a smartphone with what was referred to as high-end technology. Many companies quickly became wide-eyed and started developing their own versions of high-end camera technology. Samsung has achieved that with the Galaxy S4 Zoom

No Shortage of New Apple Products

-It seems the smartphone war will continue forever. At least Apple and Samsung will duel until the last man, or company, is standing. Since Samsung took the lead this year and outsold Apple during Q1 for smartphone dominance, mobile phone makers are not just upping the number of phones released, but features on those phones

Sony Tablet Slides into a Laptop

-Sony currently has a slew of new products coming out on the market. The VAIO series of laptops (11 and 13 inch) are a hit with the Haswell Intel processors and touch screens. The laptops are also stylish as the VAIO series features a limited edition model in red. These laptops are priced a little

New Acer S7 Ultrabook Hits the Market

-Acer has recently announced an improved S7 Ultrabook will be hitting the shelves in June. The latest Acer device will feature fourth gen Haswell Intel processors and feature quite a display. The 13.3 inch HD screen will provide resolution at 2,560x1,440. It will also feature the Acer 10 point touch system which has proven to

Top Ten Apps now Available for Android

-The Android platform has become a global leader, being installed in more and more electronic gadgets each month. While the iOS and Microsoft platforms are constantly making it a three operating system race, Android has made the term apps a household word. Google introduced Android to smartphones and tablet devices several years ago and have

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New Apple Products Highly Anticipated

-The global smartphone market is becoming quite crowded. Companies such as HTC, Samsung and Nokia have set the bar high with their latest releases and the following will no doubt be just as impressive. The worldly brand of Apple is now squarely on the radar screen and every loyalist is watching closely for the next

Android Featured in the new HTC One

-The HTC One broke new ground when it featured dual speakers and an all-aluminum exterior earlier this year. The company has been gaining ground on many of the big hitters within the market for years. But, with the HTC One, the smartphone takes on a new found role – being able to produce big sound

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Drama Shot now Possible with Smartphones

-Smartphones have allowed us to take on tasks which once were thought impossible to do so with a mobile phone. They allow us to browse the web, send correspondence through e-mail, Skype each other and take pictures which are out of this world. When smartphones first hit the market, taking high megapixel pics was not

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Nokia Releases Lumia 925 Smartphone

-Smartphone makers sharpen your pencils. The global stage continues to be a high tech who can up who competition of late with the consumers winning in the end. To be considered by anyone to purchase smartphone models must now sport a fantastic camera, user friendly interface and a lightning fast processor. All those things and