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Did you know that there are more gadgets in the world than people?

How many gadgets do you own? One? Three? Five? Maybe more. Chances are, most of us own at least one device that fits into our pocket or bag. Technology has become a vital part of the modern world and we are increasingly reliant on it. As a result, the number of devices is growing by

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Blackberry Faithful Believe in the Q10

-The last few years have brought improvements to not only feature phones, but smartphones as well. Quality improvements in displays are mostly ubiquitous, but other features have also made great strides forward. Processors are constantly getting faster, cameras are increasing in the number of megapixels and sound clarity of speakers is always improving. The keyboard

Windows Performs Best on Macs in Recent Study

-A recent look into what types of laptops ran Windows more efficiently than any other ended with some surprising results. According to Soluto, a PC management and support services firm, Apple Macs provided the most trouble free experience of the Windows operating system. More specifically, the OS ran best on the 13 inch Macbook Pro

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The Android World We Live In

Users of tablets, smartphones and many cameras are probably unaware they are using an operating system which is common among many gadgets available today. The Android operating system is the platform for many touchscreen devices in use. Originally pegged as an operating system for cameras, the Android operating system is Linux-based. Development of the system

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Smartphone Shipments Race to the Top

-It is now official. The days of mobile phones being used primarily as devices to make phone a call or send a text is practically behind us. The number of smartphones shipped during the first quarter of this year outnumbered those mobile phones considered feature phones. The numbers are now telling quite a story for

NEC Birmingham Hosting Gadget Show Live

-Electronic gadget enthusiasts are being treated this week to more than they can take in at the Gadget Show Live. The event is being held at the NEC Birmingham and runs from April 3-7. Electronic gadgets of all types will be able to be sampled and tried out to see if they fit in to

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