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Acer Releasing Liquid ZX Smartphone

-The term smartphone is now embedded as part of the cultural lexicon. These electronic gadgets can now be seen at every coffee and book shoppe. They are making teenagers and other young adults difficult to communicate with due to their addictive nature. Although this compulsion with small electronic devices is nothing new with this age

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Sony Tablet Slides into a Laptop

-Sony currently has a slew of new products coming out on the market. The VAIO series of laptops (11 and 13 inch) are a hit with the Haswell Intel processors and touch screens. The laptops are also stylish as the VAIO series features a limited edition model in red. These laptops are priced a little

Android Based Devices Focus for Acer

- The day of the “Droidbook” and “Droidtops” may be upon us. At least that is how the Acer Company is viewing the utilization of Google’s Android platform. The company sees great potential in the development of more laptops with Android pushing the system compared with traditional PC-style software capabilities. The Acer Company recently rolled

IPod Touch Sales Surpass 100 Million Units

-The introduction of the iPod several years ago made music more portable than ever. It quickly became an iconic device and completely changed the way we listened to mobile music. Next, in 2007, came the device we would know today by the same name, the iPod Touch MP3 player. Not only did the Touch make

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Protecting Electronic Gadgets on Holiday

-Traveling with electronic gadgets just isn’t what it used to be. In days past we packed maybe a mobile phone with our clothes and that was it. Now, technology has made gadgets of all types possible. And, we like to take our gadgets on as many trips as possible. It is not unusual for us

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Apple Picking a Real Threat

-The Apple brand name has become more popular as the years pass. And Apple products have followed suit, with many of the devices being recognized from a mile away. That is turning out to be quite a misfortune for many owners of the gadgets. Theft of these devices has become so popular that the term

Android Dominating the OS Race

- Mobile phone users have spoken and the majority winner is the Android platform. Since the beginning of 2013 almost three out of every four phones sold runs with the Google owned platform, according to the analyst firm Gartner. This is a marked spike within a year’s time, as last year Android had a stake

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The Android World We Live In

Users of tablets, smartphones and many cameras are probably unaware they are using an operating system which is common among many gadgets available today. The Android operating system is the platform for many touchscreen devices in use. Originally pegged as an operating system for cameras, the Android operating system is Linux-based. Development of the system

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Samsung Demand Creates Delays on Pre-Orders

-Samsung has outdone themselves with the release of the latest Galaxy model, the S4. Many will argue they have done so well that it will end up hurting sales and possibly a reputation. The newest Samsung model is creating so much buzz that demand has crept up to fever pitch level. Those who ordered their

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