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Apple Picking a Real Threat

-The Apple brand name has become more popular as the years pass. And Apple products have followed suit, with many of the devices being recognized from a mile away. That is turning out to be quite a misfortune for many owners of the gadgets. Theft of these devices has become so popular that the term

Tablets Offer Flexibility of Infinite Proportions

- Thanks to their size and ease of use, tablets have transformed how many previously laptop only type functions are now being carried out. The tablets of today are loaded with features which enable them to communicate with business as well as personal contacts, and play multiple numbers of games. Additionally, tablets are powerful enough

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Apple Patent Application Turns Heads

-Apple patent application could possibly be giving us a peak into what the future holds for the high tech company. Applied for in late 2011, this patent includes a hybrid product which fuses the best of the Apple laptop and the iPad into one. This is only a patent application, so whether the product will

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