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GPS system keeping people with dementia safe in Surrey pilot project

GPS systems have truly made their mark on the UK in recent years. From its origins as a high-end, luxury project available mainly as an additional add-on in new cars, GPS is now embedded in almost all of our smartphones and looks to be well on its way to replacing our natural orienteering skills. But

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Top ten physician-recommended apps

While Gadget Cover can protect your smartphone, your smartphone can also protect your health. Researchers at Medical Economics have come up with a list of the top ten apps physicians recommend to their patients to support their health and wellbeing. 10- iCalcRisk iCalcRisk calculates a person's cardiac risk, allowing doctors to create visualisations that show

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Are smartphones damaging people’s thumbs?

While smartphones have added a lot to consumers' lives, offering an incredible level of connectivity from anywhere in the world, there are some problems the devices present that are particularly common. Recent polling by O2 found that 53% of people admit that using their smartphone makes their thumb tired, with 43% saying that they have

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