The best apps for the kitchen

The best apps for the kitchen

We can’t all be a master chef, but thankfully there’s a whole plethora of apps out there to help extend your culinary skills beyond pasta, cereal and toast.

Whether you want assistance in putting on an extravagant dinner party or simply need some help getting to grips with the kitchen, make sure you download these top apps:

Good Fish Guide

Fish fingers, sushi, tuna melt… there’s a whole host of ways to enjoy seafood, but with stories of overfishing, how can you make sure you’re making a sustainable choice with your fish dish?

The Marine Conservation Society’s Good Fish Guide provides users with a wealth of information to help them make informed decisions. The guide includes nearly every fish you could hope to find in the UK, explains what fish is good to eat, provides recipes, explains the fish to avoid, and rates restaurants and cafes that serve seafood.

FoodSwitch UK

We know packaged foods aren’t always the healthiest choice, but when work and life get in your way, sometimes you just need a quick and easy dinner.

Thanks to FoodSwitch UK, you don’t have to miss out on the healthy options. The aim of this app is to help users make better food choices.

It scans the barcodes of packaged foods to provide you with the nutritional information and shows similar foods that are healthier based on their established nutrition criteria.

There are a number of filters so people can tailor to their needs with FoodSwitch Classic, SaltSwitch, FatSwitch, CalorieSwitch and SugarSwitch.


Our smartphones, tablets and laptops allow us to find recipes in a matter of seconds, but how can you keep track of all the best ones?

Paprika is a simple recipe management app that is heralded as the perfect kitchen companion.

It has a wide range of features, including the ability to enter custom recipes, search for favourite recipes online, clip recipes, add personalised notes to recipes, track nutritional information, and plan meals.

One of the app’s most useful features is the shopping list, which allows users to add recipes with a click, add other personal items, and then it categorises the list and ingredients into aisles. You’ll never miss a key ingredient again!

Perfect Produce

What is the proper way to store apples? When is the best season for asparagus? How can you tell which one is the best grapefruit?

Even the keenest of cooks might have trouble answering all those questions. Thankfully, the Perfect Produce app has all this information and more, so you can make sure you pick, store and prepare produce in the best way.

The app also enables users to search produce based on their nutritional content and has a heap of recipes for healthy meal planning. Who said you have to wait until January to start a resolution?

Just Eat

And, of course, there are times when you deserve to put your feet up and let someone else do the cooking… and bring it straight to your door.

Whatever takeaway you fancy, Just Eat has it all. And you can order your favourite food all with a simple click!

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