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The emergence of the OnePlus

OnePlus phone

The emergence of OnePlus mobile phones has shaken up the market and changed the way we view mobiles. OnePlus Technology Co. Ltd., commonly referred to as OnePlus, is a mobile phone manufacturer from China and although it has only been producing Android phones since December 2013, the company has branched out to over 34 countries worldwide and has shaken up the mobile market. It was founded by Pete Lau and Carl Pei and is now owned by Chinese conglomerate BBK electronics.

But who are OnePlus and how are they changing things? In this article, we’ll be looking at what the OnePlus mobiles do differently to their competitors and discovering the reasons why they’re so popular.

We’ll also be keeping you up to date with the insurance for mobile phones that you’ll need with this device. Take a look at everything you need to know about the OnePlus – who knows, after reading this it might just become your mobile phone of choice!


What is OnePlus?

OnePlus actually refers to the manufacturer who makes the phones and who has been producing them since 2013 when they began. Their first phone was unveiled in April of 2014 and was a hit. In 2019, the phone that is grabbing attention from the tech community and making headlines is the OnePlus 7. This phone has evolved a lot since the OnePlus One in 2014, however fundamentally the goal of the OnePlus is still the same.

Their tagline ‘Never Settle’ pretty much sums up their philosophy on making mobiles – they aim to change the way that we access information, making owning and using a smartphone a seamless experience.

OnePlus is actually a subsidiary of the Chinese company Oppo, who specialises in high-end electronic components. The goal of OnePlus was always to create a high-end phone without exceptionally high prices. Essentially, they wanted to create a phone with amazing hardware that anyone could afford. But have they succeeded?


How OnePlus has changed the market

In part, yes. OnePlus has shaken up the industry and made things a lot more competitive. Their phones are technically very good and they review very well, which has made the competition step up. Are they rivalling the likes of Apple? Probably not quite yet, but there’s definitely a chance they could get there.

OnePlus went from being relatively unheard of to becoming a popular high-end phone manufacturer in a very short space of time, and that demands respect from the industry. Plus, they haven’t relied heavily on marketing to do it – for the most part, the product has marketed itself through word of mouth.

The main reason that the OnePlus brand has grown as much as it has is that it doesn’t cut corners. Unlike other mobile providers they aren’t expecting consumers to pay more for less – they relay their cheaper production costs onto the consumer whilst delivering great quality where the components are concerned. This has shaken up the industry and Android competitors have had to take a look at how they’re doing things as they’re being compared to the OnePlus – a company who delivers low cost and quality at the same time.


The rising popularity of OnePlus

OnePlus has become amazing popular due to their high quality and relatively low cost. They still come in a lot cheaper than Apple and Samsung mobile phones and arguably offer close to the same level of quality. Consumers and critics didn’t really seem to take them seriously when they first came out – although that’s changing now.

According to the Q4 2018 numbers, OnePlus has actually overtaken many phone companies in order to become the fifth largest smartphone manufacturer in the US. This statistic is based on phones over $500, so they are still falling into the high-end category. However, for a functioning smartphone, they are considered very well priced.

The popularity of the new OnePlus 7 has really put the OnePlus on the map and it has consistently been rated the go-to Android smartphone for price and quality. Features that have made it so popular include its speed, camera and cost.

OnePlus phone and sim

The errors made by One Plus

OnePlus phones have risen in popularity over recent years, although they have made some mistakes along the way. Take a look at the (quite funny) errors that have made the OnePlus’ popularity a squiggly curve rather than a straight diagonal line.


The 2014 smash fest

In 2014, OnePlus was new to the market, so they really couldn’t afford to be making mistakes. However, they did and tech geeks speculate that some of their marketing errors were the reason that their amazing product took a while to be taken seriously. The 2014 smashing incident was a marketing ‘campaign’ that asked consumers to smash their old smartphone up and buy a OnePlus for $1.

The catch? They didn’t actually mean for people to smash up their phones until instructed. The game was supposed to play out with OnePlus selecting members of a pool to come forward and smash their phones on camera and then get a OnePlus for $1. However, humans being humans misunderstood that they needed to be selected to take part. As a result, lots of people smashed up their phones for no reason. Not good publicity at all.


The 2014 sexist campaign

Let’s just say that 2014 was not a good year for OnePlus. They launched a campaign in August of 2014 that got a lot of hate for its sexist connotations.

In what might be the shortest contest in OnePlus history, the ill-conceived campaign just for women called “Ladies First” was launched in August 2014. It involved ladies drawing the OnePlus logo on their body and taking a picture of themselves and uploading it to be judged on the OnePlus forum.

The forum was populated with mostly men who then voted the pictures they liked the most. The prize for the best female participant? A T-shirt and an invitation to buy the OnePlus phone.

This campaign may have been the shortest marketing ploy in history and was shut down in a matter of hours due to the backlash that it received from offended consumers. A big error of judgement for OnePlus that no doubt cost it some fans.


Emergency call issues

One of the main reasons that we all carry our phones everywhere is knowing that if there was ever an emergency, we’d be able to contact someone. Well, in 2017 OnePlus failed in doing that and received a lot of bad press in the process.

A OnePlus 5 owner tried to call the police in the US and the phone died and rebooted twice. Apparently a memory flaw was found in the phone which caused it to die when users tried to contact the authorities.

OnePlus apologised and fixed the issue pronto, however, it was pretty bad. Luckily for them, none of these issues have stayed with them and their product has prevailed. Pretty amazing when you think about it!


Features – the reason OnePlus has made it!

So why has the OnePlus been so successful despite some pretty bad boo-boos? Well, they offer one of the best phones on the market for a lower price than their competitors – Samsung and iPhone. They weren’t always as competitive as they are now – however, the OnePlus 7 has stood out as a phone for the following reasons:


A camera to rival competitors

The OnePlus 7 has a great camera that gives it a professional edge. The back of the 7 Pro has three cameras that are 48, 16 and 8 megapixels, giving it amazing range and an ability to take high-quality photos. Nothing has really come close to iPhones and Samsung for camera quality, however OnePlus does, and for less money.

OnePlus Phone Camera

Great battery life

OnePlus beats the iPhone on battery life and lasts for well over a day. It has a 4000mAh battery. If you’re looking for a phone to use for work, the OnePlus 7 stands out due to its ability to last longer than other mobiles that do similar things on the market.


Quick charge time

The OnePlus phones don’t take long to charge and are able to restore half battery in around 20 minutes. And on aeroplane mode, it’s even quicker.


They are powerful phones

The processor on these things is serious, making it super quick and efficient. It also has good memory capacity and incredible stereo speakers that make it a stand out phone.


Comparison to Samsung and iPhone

When comparing the OnePlus 7 to the latest iPhone and Samsung phones, they do very well. Here are the things that help the OnePlus stand up against their popular rivals in the market:



They hit it out of the park where price is concerned as they offer incredible value for a high-end phone. Although the processing and memory aren’t better than its competitors, it’s equal in quality at a cheaper price. This is a huge benefit of the OnePlus versus iPhones and Samsung phones.



The camera on the OnePlus 7 is better than the iPhone and the Samsung. The standard camera on the OnePlus is 48 megapixels whereas the iPhone XR is 12 megapixels and the Samsung Galaxy S10E is 12 megapixels at wide-angle and 16 megapixels at ultra-wide-angle. Considering the OnePlus is cheaper, the camera is significantly better.



The OnePlus battery wins out over the Samsung and iPhone, leading critics to believe that it might be a better business phone. It lasts longer and takes less time to charge, which is handy when you’re on the go and desperately need your phone to work.


Where does the OnePlus fall down?

One Plus front

Compared to the Samsung and iPhone, the OnePlus does have some negative traits. Some of the most annoying ones are listed here:


Water resistance

The OnePlus isn’t going to win any awards for its water resistance. When you consider that the Samsung and iPhone are fully water-resistant, it does fall short on this point.



The OnePlus is a lot heavier than the iPhone and Samsung’s latest phones, meaning that it can be a pain for those who are used to carrying a lighter model.


Curved screen controversy

The curved screen has been a point of contention for the OnePlus. Lots of people like it, but lots of users find it incredibly annoying when scrolling through social media. Many have criticised the OnePlus for using the curved screen to enhance their marketing without actually having reason to use a curved screen. However, a lot of this debate is subjective.


Why do you need insurance for mobile phones?

If you’re lucky enough to own a OnePlus 7, you’re going to want to make sure that it’s well insured. One of the bad things about the phone is its vulnerability to water damage, which can cause it to break. Its massive screen is also an issue when dropped – as all phone screens are. It’s so easy to break and damage smartphones and yet they are so costly to replace.

Plus, if you’re on a contract, chances are that you won’t be able to dip out and will still have to pay even when your phone is smashed or doesn’t work. That’s where insurance for mobile phones comes in – protecting you against any kind of loss or damage that wasn’t your fault.


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