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The most sought-after smart tech for UK homes

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Smart technology is growing in popularity. As well as offering greater convenience by remotely controlling electronics, heating and water, smart tech can also save money, energy and the environment.

April was National Home Improvement Month, with the final week of the event dedicated to smart home technology.

Research carried out by National Home Improvement Month revealed the most in-demand smart tech and gadgets amongst Brits today. Topping the list was the ability to control heating through an app, with 30% of respondents naming it the most desirable smart technology.

In second place was the ability to use an app to control lights – 25% of respondents felt that this was a valuable gadget for the home.

Further down the list were wireless charging, door answering apps, and smart security systems.

According to the research, 57% of those questioned said that high DIY costs and bills would deter them from investing in smart tech. This suggests that people assume that a home filled with smart tech could end up costing a huge amount of money and energy. However, that is not the case.

The cost of buying smart devices is often less than people think. And once in place, thanks to in-app tracking which boosts energy efficiency, they can actually bring down the cost of energy bills.

Connecting home smart technology is also easier than people might think. In fact, smart devices are arguably easier to fit than traditional timers. Depending on the device, users have the option of gathering data and applying it to automate tasks, as well as being kept informed about what is happening in their home remotely.

Door answering apps and smart security systems featured in fourth and fifth places on the list. These proved popular because they allow you to control and interact with visitors via a simple notification on your smartphone.

Ambassador for National Home Improvement Month Julia Kendell said the aim was to encourage people to make one small change to their home. She explained: “Incorporating some smart technology can be an easy way to improve energy efficiency, reduce household bills and maximise security.”

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