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The top iPhone 11 cases and accessories

iPhone 11 Pro

A smartphone is an investment. With Apple and its competitors bringing out newer, slicker models year on year, the question of durability is easily forgotten.

According to Techradar, the iPhone 11 is “a triumph for Apple” which should “achieve years of use”. Offering much of the pricier 11 Pro’s camera technology plus impressive battery life, the iPhone 11 is excellent value for money – but there’s a catch.

Apple states the iPhone 11 has the toughest glass in any smartphone, however, drop tests have proven that cracks are still possible, even with a model as tough as this. This is why it’s vital to ensure your shiny new gadget’s covered by mobile phone insurance you can trust.

Gadget Cover is here to help, so we’ve picked the best iPhone 11 cases and accessories to boost your phone’s durability, lessening the change of damage.

While the iPhone remains a popular pick, we know they’re not for everyone, so we’ve also included a list of the best iPhone alternatives, with durability staying our central concern.

Let’s have a look…


Best durable alternatives to the iPhone 11


Nokia 7.1

If you’re looking for a dependable mid-range pick, the Nokia 7.1 is well worth considering. As highlighted by The Independent, Nokia models are known for their “outstanding build quality”, and the Nokia 7.1 is a prime example, with a “solid and appealing” design.

Techradar also cites the high-quality display and camera as punching well above a relatively modest price tag, with a HDR10 display providing vivid contrast on supporting apps, a quality dual-lens 12MP and 5MP rear camera and a single-lens front camera.

The Nokia 7.1 is an Android One phone, which means two years of Android updates are included.

Drawbacks include shorter battery life and comparatively slow performance to top-tier smartphones, but if you’re on a budget and need no-frills, solid reliability, this is a find.

Nokia 7.1


“You can throw it, drop it, and kick it and it’ll just keep on chugging”, the Telegraph says of the AGM X3. With durability at the heart of its design, the AGM X3 is perfect for those of us with a history of smashed screens and unfortunate drops.

Despite its tough-as-nails exo-skeleton and rubber bumpers, the AGM X3 is a good-looking, modern smartphone. Better yet, it’s dust-proof and waterproof, with a face and fingerprint scanner.

The battery power is impressive, as is the screen size and brightness. The operating system is relatively basic, so its speed and power are a pleasant surprise, while the dual rear 12mp and 24mp camera plus a front 20mp camera prove a ruggedized phone doesn’t mean poor camera quality.

It may not be a headline-grabber, but if you’re accident-prone and seeking an ultra-rugged smartphone with tech worthy of Samsung or Apple models, the AGM X3 is for you.


Cat S61

Named “the best rugged smartphone money can buy” by Techradar, the Cat S61 is designed to survive even the clumsiest of users. With a Gorilla Glass 5 cover, metal body IP69 and MIL Spec 810G certifications, it can endure six-foot drops, high pressure water jets and sit in 3 metres of water for up to an hour.

This is an ideal phone for those working in the construction industry or fans of extra active lifestyles. When you’re hiking in the great outdoors, an ultra-rugged model is the safest bet: the Cat S61 is a sturdy, reliable choice.

It offers a thermal camera able to detect heat sources up to 400°C and a laser distance measurement function. This remarkable piece of tech also has the ability to operate within a wide temperature range – from -25°C-55°C – for 24 hours.

It’s worth noting, if you lean towards the sleek, stylish design of Apple or Samsung models, this probably isn’t the device for you: it’s a chunky phone, weighing 259g.

The Cat S61 was designed with durability as its key concern, so it’s understandable that drawbacks include less storage and a slower system than other flagship phones.


Samsung Galaxy S10

Many of us aren’t willing to sacrifice style for durability, especially when it comes to our smartphones. If you’re carrying something around day in day out, it’s nice to have a gadget that boasts both great performance and great design. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a stylish, albeit expensive, iPhone alternative.

It makes our list because it still factors in durability. Featuring IP68 water resistance, the Samsung S10 can endure up to 1.5 metres of water for 30 minutes – not bad if you’re prone to dropping your prized possession into puddles and baths.

Techradar praises the model for its powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, plus a vivid triple lens camera and strong battery life. You can also enjoy features such as an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

With its curved edges and striking 6.1-inch Infinity Display, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is a sleek, super speedy smartphone that combines brains with beauty.


Top iPhone 11 cases and accessories

iPhone and case

The release of a new iPhone always means a ton of cool new cases and accessories galore.

Ensuring your gadget is covered with reliable mobile phone insurance is an essential precaution, but you can also boost your phone’s protection with the aid of some clever products.

With phone protection and durability in mind, here’s the best of the bunch!


Belkin Screenforce Invisiglass Ultra

A screen protector is an absolute must when protecting your iPhone. When the inevitable drop occurs, the screen is often the first thing to succumb to damage, so why take the chance? Wired rates this screen protector highly, praising its durability, stick and feel.

The Belkin Invisiglass Ultra can thank chemically strengthened ion-exchange for its tough, scratch-resistant glass, which has been tested with items such as keys and coins, plus drops.

Despite providing a formidable layer of protection, the Invisiglass Ultra has a precision-cut, intelligent design that means users can still enjoy a flawless touch-screen experience.  Win-win.


Mous Limitless 3.0

Gadget Cover mobile phone insurance will even cover minor screen cracks – and if your phone can’t be repaired, we’ll replace it! However, a good quality, shock absorbent case helps prevent damage that’s easily avoided.

The Independent recommends the Mous iPhone 11 case, and for good reason. It combines the big three: style, quality and meaningful protection.

A material called “airoshock” has superior shock-absorbing capability, even when your phone falls from a considerable height. The design is sensitive yet stylish, with raised edges to improve screen protection, plus clever slots to hold an extra sim card and sim tray extractor tool.

The covers are available in a range of quality materials including bamboo, walnut and white leather. Its magnetic AutoAlignPlus system makes it compatible with other handy Limitless 3.0 accessories, such as the flip wallet. At £34.99, it’s great value for money.


Beats Powerbeats Pro

If your phone has a wireless listening function such as the iPhone 11’s, wireless headphones are a worthwhile investment. Most of us have experienced the frustration of a headphone jack being wrenched out, whether due to vigorous activity or a simple gust of wind. Wireless listening helps keep your phone safe and secure, doing away with pesky wires.

Although Apple AirPods are the most sought-after wireless headphones, Wired cites Beats Powerbeats Pro as a notable rival. With a clip-on, sturdy design, they’re better suited to an active lifestyle than AirPods, plus they’re sweat and splash resistant, with easy to understand mirrored controls.

Beats Powerbeats Pro also surpass AirPods when it comes to battery life, delivering 9 hours of quality listening time after a single charge – AirPods offer six. With their noise-cancelling technology and cool colour options, they’re an ideal addition to the daily commute.


Tech21 Evo Wallet

The Evo Wallet is perfect for those seeking a sturdy case which doubles as a wallet. Available for Samsung models as well as Apple, it’s a smart choice for your flawless new iPhone 11.

With two hidden card holders and a magnetically sealed folio cover, the Evo Wallet combines functionality with protective features. Able to shield your phone from drops up to 3.6 metres, it also has a handy stand function, useful for your weekly streaming sessions.

Featured on the Techradar list of best iPhone 11 cases, this buy will boost your smartphone’s durability with 360-degree protection. Better yet, 30% of the case is composed of plant-based materials, so you’ll be doing your bit for the environment.

iPhone 11 pro camera

Belkin BoostUp Wireless Charging Stand

There are so many smart measures you can take to protect your phone: getting reliable mobile phone insurance; a sturdy case; a tech-smart screen protector and more. However, chargers are often overlooked.

Given the iPhone 11’s wireless charging capabilities, it’s well worth investing in a good wireless charger: wireless tech reduces the chance of wires being knocked and your phone falling to the ground, as well as lessening the chance of you walking off and forgetting your phone’s still charging at a public power-source.

Techradar lists the Belkin 10W as one of 2019’s best wireless chargers. At around £29.99, it’s budget friendly and perfect for protecting your phone from slips. The high-gloss, minimalist design is complemented by matte rubber gripping, with the clever addition of “arms” preventing your phone from falling off your bedside table or desk, whether you prefer keeping your device upright or horizontal.


Gear4 Crystal Palace

Known for their stunning design, many of us prefer to keep our iPhones in clear cases for all the world to see. The iPhone 11 comes in an array of appealing hues, from lilac to mint green, so there’s plenty to show off about, but don’t risk damage: instead, choose a reliable yet transparent case that will keep your gadget safe and sound.

The Independent recommends the Gear4 Crystal Palace, highlighting its inclusion of a smart substance called D30, an almost undetectable substance which provides immense shock protection. Combine this with polycarbonate – featured in bullet-proof glass – and you’ve got one tough phone case.

Drop resistant up to 4 metres, the Crystal Palace case is still sleek and visually appealing, with anti-yellowing included – a must with clear designs. Available in clear or iridescent, you can choose a simple look or go for something a little more eye-catching.


OtterBox Pop Symmetry Case

If you’re someone who seems destined to drop your phone however good the grip, go one better than a sturdy case and get the OtterBox Pop Symmetry case, designed to house the highly convenient PopGrip, as recommended by Techradar.

The Pop Symmetry Case offers OtterBox’s dependable dual-layer protection, plus an integrated PopGrip. The PopGrip makes your smartphone easier to grip, facilitates one-handed texting, watching videos handsfree and more. The polycarbonate and rubber case makes for extra tough protection.

While the case is available in a range of fun hues, you also can keep things fresh by changing the colour of your PopGrip whenever the mood strikes.


Why do you need phone insurance?

A high-quality smartphone means hefty investment. Whether you paid for your phone up front or signed a contract, accidents can and do happen. In the case that you are walking whilst looking at your phone, read about the dangers that come with it.

In an increasingly digital world, our phones are integral to our daily lives, coming with us everywhere: this means the likelihood or loss, damage or theft is even higher. You can boost your phone’s durability with smart accessories and a sturdy case, but it’s still vital to ensure you have adequate insurance cover.

Quality, dependable mobile phone insurance is a must-have. Gadget Cover offers a wide range of benefits, including the following:

  • First month free on policies paid monthly
  • Unlimited claims
  • Low excess fee
  • UK based customer support
  • Truly instant cover
  • Family cover
  • Worldwide cover

On top of covering accidental damage and theft, if someone uses your phone to make unauthorized calls after it’s lost or stolen, we will pay for charges and data usage up to £2,500, compared to the usual £10.

High-tech accessories often come with sizeable price tags as well, so it’s good to know Gadget Cover will replace any accessories if they’re stolen, damaged or lost, up to £150.

Defaqto 5 Star rated, with 20 years of experience, you’ll be in good hands with Gadget Cover. Don’t wait to get mobile phone insurance, get a quote today.

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