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The top iPhone apps to help with home finances

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If you’ve made it your mission to gain better control of your finances, we’re here to tell you: there’s an app for that!

You’ll find that there are tonnes of iPhone apps available on Apple’s App Store that can help you to better manage your incomings and outgoings. But before you jump right into the top apps to help with home finances, are you familiar with all the tips and tricks of your iPhone? If not, check out our recent tutorial that is great for beginners.

These range from apps that track your spending and budget, to apps loaded with awesome deals and discounts to help you save big. But, with so many options out there, how do you know which apps are the best?

Before we take a look at some of the top apps available for your iPhone, you need to make sure your gadget is protected with insurance.

Gadget Cover policies can insure your phone against things like accidental and liquid damage, theft and loss (optional), for a price that’s right. Any accessories you have for your iPhone will also be covered up to a certain limit, too.


So, which apps are worth downloading?

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Let’s take a look at some of the top-rated apps that can help with home finances:



Investopedia rates Mint as the best money management app out there, calling it an all-in-one tool for creating budgets, tracking spending and getting smart about your finances.

The great thing about Mint is that you can link the app with all of your bank and credit cards, creating one centralised place to manage your money.

Mint will alert you when a bill is due, state what you owe and as well as what you can afford depending on your available funds.

You can also set up payment reminders or alerts when you’re reaching your budget limit. Depending on your spending habits, the app also offers tailored tips to help you be more savvy with your spending. The real-time credit score is a handy feature, too.



Here’s another great, all-in-one bank account tracking and budget management tool that lets you see your funds across accounts, together with how much you can afford to spend for the day.

As Tom’s Guide notes, the app utilises encrypted, read-only connection to link to your bank and card accounts, so you can quickly view the status of those accounts and transactions in a digitally-secure environment.

The handy thing about PocketGuard is that it categorises purchases, subscriptions and bill payments, factoring in previous spending habits to give estimates how much you can safely spend without going into the red.



If you’re someone who struggles to make it to payday each month, it could be worth ‘squirreling’ your money away in a Barclay-held Squirrel account. This app splits up your salary into bills, goals and a weekly allowance to spend on whatever takes your fancy.

It requires a bit of groundwork – you’ll need to enter your monthly expenses and goals, which you can customise with photos and names. For instance, if you’re saving up for a holiday, a new car or perhaps a deposit on your first home.


Wally Next

Wally Next is a great app if managing finances is a joint effort between you and your other half.

The tool allows you to manage joint accounts and shared spending together, keep one another in-sync with spending, cash flow and balances, share budgets and keep each other organised with lists, notes, documents and comments.

Other things you can do using Wally Next include setting weekly, monthly and custom budget periods, forecasting net balances across accounts and visualising progressing with interactive pie, bar and line charts.



Less managing finances, more bagging discounts, VoucherCodes is one of the UK’s top apps for deals, voucher codes and discounts.

There are serious savings to be had on leading fashion, tech, travel brands and many more. Some of the names you’ll recognise include ASOS, Uber, Pizza Express, New Look, Prezzo, H&M and Currys PC World.

It’s simple to start saving: once you’ve downloaded the app, browse by brands you love, then show your phone when you get to the till to receive your discount. You could also hand over printable codes, if that’s what you prefer.



If you’re interested in investing your money, and you’ve done your research about the potential risks, Moneybox is a great app to get you started.

Round up purchases to the nearest pound and invest spare cash into companies including Netflix and Facebook.

Moneybox scooped the Best Money App for Beginners in The Times, the Sunday Times and Boring Money Consumer Investment Awards 2019.

Pick one of three simple starting options – cautious, balanced and adventurous – which determines how your savings will be split between the range of tracker funds.

Your investment will be held within a Lifetime ISA, Stocks & Shares ISA or General Investment Account, with different terms and conditions for each.



Stocard is a clever app that lets you store all of your store loyalty cards for places like IKEA, Co-Op, Matalan, Sainsbury’s, B&Q, Waitrose any many more. Not only does it mean you’ll never forget a loyalty card again, but it will also save some valuable space in your purse or wallet!

To get started all you need to do is upload your loyalty card barcodes onto your phone for the cahier to scan. The app also contains exclusive coupons, discounts, flyers and catalogues from your favourite stores.


Insure your phone with Gadget Cover

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Before you start loading your phone with apps that will help you to save cash and better manage your finances, don’t forget to insure your phone with Gadget Cover.

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