Tips and tricks for Apple AirPods

Tips and tricks for Apple AirPods

At its launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple announced the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. This has widely been described as one of the most controversial moves in smartphone history.

To replace the headphones, Apple also announced the launch of its AirPods – wireless, Bluetooth-enabled earphones that automatically connect to your phone when taken out of their case, pause music when AirPods are removed from ears, and use Siri to follow your commands.

Now that we’ve got over the surprise, it’s time to see what the AirPods can do.

Whether you’re waiting for yours to arrive or want to get the most out of the ones in your pocket, here are the best tips and tricks:

Not your AirPods

The problem with connected earphones is connecting to the wrong device. If you’re concerned someone will connect to your AirPods by mistake, don’t worry. You can customise a message by saying “Not your AirPods” when they try to connect via the “Connect” button.

Use iPhone to check battery status

There are several ways to check your AirPods battery on your iPhone. When you open the charging case next to your iPhone, a display should pop up showing the status. Alternatively, you can add the battery widget to Notification Centre’s Today panel. But the widget will only show the AirPods stats if you’re actively using them.

Use Apple Watch to check battery status

If you have an Apple Watch and are unsure if your AirPods need charging, you can use your Apple Watch to check the battery status. By opening the Control Centre and tapping the battery button, users will be shown stats for their connected AirPods alongside the battery stats for their watch.

Give Siri a break

If you’re not a fan of talking to your phone or are just looking to make life easier, you can view the your AirPods setting on your iPhone to change the double-tap function to Play or Pause music, without needing to ask Siri.

Pair AirPods with other devices

On the back of the charging case, there is a small, semi-hidden button and this can be used to connect the AirPods to other devices, such as an Apple TV or an Android device.

Rename AirPods

Whether you want to be able to easily distinguish your AirPods, or you simply want to give them a catchier name, go to Settings > Bluetooth and tap the “i” icon next to your AidPods’ name to change it to something else.

Use AirPods on a Mac

There are two ways in which you can opt to listen to music coming from your Mac through your AirPods.

The first option is to choose them as an audio output device by clicking the speaker icon in the menu bar and selecting your AirPods from the list.

The other option is to select the AirPlay icon in iTunes to have your music stream from your Mac to your AirPods.

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