Tips and tricks for Apple Music

Music streaming services are fast becoming the way we listen to and find music, whether we’re at home or on the go.

If you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac, then chances are Apple Music is the service you go to.

While you might think you know Apple Music like the back of your hand, are you really doing everything to fully utilise this service?

If you live and breathe music, follow these top tips and tricks to become an Apple Music pro and get the most out of the music you love:

Download for offline listening

While most phones are 4G enabled, there are still too many places where getting an internet signal can be a struggle – especially on your commute.

To make sure you don’t get caught out, save your favourite music locally on your device to make sure you can listen when streaming isn’t available. Although how much you will be able to save will depend on how much free space you have.

To do this, tap the three dots next to any song, album or playlist. If the Cloud Download icon appears, you can store it locally on your device.

The other benefit of downloading music for offline listening is that it can help save battery life.

Listen to Beats 1 playlists off air

One of the best features of Apple Music is its 24-hour live radio station Beats 1. The downside to it being a 24-hour station is that you can end up missing some of the highlights.

By heading to Radio and viewing All Beats 1 Shows, you can scroll down to see all shows. By tapping a specific show you’ll be able to see the playlists from each episode, which you can then save to your own music library or download so you can listen to them offline.

Set music as your alarm

Have a particular song that energises you in the morning? Why not set it as your alarm? To do this, head to the Clock app then go to Alarm settings. Scroll down the usual ringtones and see options from Apple Music.

You can then set one of your downloaded songs as your alarm.

Use Siri

There’s no doubt that Siri in iOS 10 is a more powerful personal assistant than the previous offerings, and the integration with Apple Music has continued to improve.

As well as asking Siri to play a specific song, Siri can do so much more. If you like a specific song you’re listening to ask Siri to “Play more like this” and she’ll create a playlist tailored to the mood of that particular song.

Block out the world

Your morning commute can be spoiled by the loud sounds of the train and people talking or, even worse, someone else’s music blaring out of their headphones.

Make sure you can listen to your music in peace, and without disturbing your fellow train passengers, by choosing Apple’s Late Night option. Apple claims this setting will “compress the dynamic range of audio output”, so you don’t have to keep fiddling with the volume.

To do this, go to Settings > Music > Playback > EQ and tap the Late Night option.

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