A feature still new to smartphone users is called Drama Shot. It is a mode of camera shooting which allows a picture to catch all the action of the focal point of the shot and maintain the same background, all within the same picture. For example, a dog jumping to catch a tennis ball out of the air after it has been thrown. Or a young child returning from camp and seeing their mum for the first time in weeks. These shots are why we all take pictures; to save a moment in time which we can pull out and reflect back on at any time. Now, those shots which include action of the subject moving in one direction can be taken and saved for a great scrapbook. Features like this are unique to many smartphones and DSLR cameras. The premier method for protecting these devices and other electronic gadgets is gadget insurance. It provides peace of mind when taking gadgets out and about.

There are a few helpful tips for taking the best shots possible with Drama Shot. They include the following:

• Hold the camera as steady as possible and remain still when taking the shots

• Take pictures of a subject that only moves in one direction

• Find backgrounds that have no moving objects in them

• Try to steer clear of subjects and backgrounds with like colors

• Be watchful of subjects which are too far away or too close

• Be careful that the subjects are not too long or too small

Drama Shot is simply another advancement in the technology of smartphones. It is available on most DSLR cameras, so the feature is not brand new. The feature adds more enjoyment to taking photos and makes smartphones more appealing to those who take a lot of photos.

Whilst taking photos our smartphones are exposed to elements which can pose a threat to our devices and may cause damage. Protect those devices and other electronic gadgets with gadget insurance.