Top 5 missing features on the Apple Watch

Apple has already released its first wearable, the famed ‘Apple Watch’. Like other Apple products, the arrival of the watch was much awaited and hyped (minus the massive queues! Digital Spy) The device has several features for style and fitness enthusiasts such as call receiving facility, options for making payments, fitness level monitoring and others. However, it lacks some features that can make the device perform even better.

So here’s our ‘Top 5 missing features on the Apple Watch’:

1. No Camera:

One of the main features of the Apple watch is its cool ‘Call’ facility from within the watch. However, the lack of an in-built camera in the watch means no video conferencing or FaceTime facility.

2. Internet Connectivity:

The Apple Watch is dependent on the phone for all Internet-based activities requiring Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. The device cannot connect to the Internet independently and needs interfacing through the iPhone for checking emails, social media updates and others.

3. No New Features:

Features that were available in the iPhone are now present in the Apple Watch. However, there are no new or innovative features in the watch that sets it apart from its predecessors. Except for adding to the fashion statement of the owner and known for its uses for monitoring the fitness level, there are surprisingly few new features. Introducing some cool new features would possibly bring a higher fan following.

4. Not Waterproof:

While Apple Watch is a great add-on for fitness lovers so that they can keep count of their calories burnt while exercising, the watch is not waterproof meaning the users wanting to burn calories in the swimming pool cannot really use it in the water.

5. Limited Health Monitoring Options:

While Apple has announced several features for health monitoring, the options are now limited to only heartbeat monitoring. The advanced health monitoring features like stress level and blood pressure level will be available in the upcoming editions of the watch.

Have you found any other missing features on the Apple Watch? Let us know!

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