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Top 5 phone cases for your phone 2019

Phone cases

How much did you spend on your smartphone? Some of the latest handsets from manufacturers like Samsung and Apple come with a price tag in the region of £1,000 – sometimes even more.


This price is often justified, though. After all, smartphones are essentially our tech-based personal assistants, able to perform pretty much any task we ask of it. Need it to remind you of when your next meeting is? Sorted. Want it to wake you up in the morning? Not a problem. Like it to track your running progress? Consider it done. Smartphones are lots of different technologies, all rolled into one!


Of course, when you go around with a device worth hundreds of pounds in your pocket or handbag, it’s important that you protect it. Gadget Cover can arrange quality mobile phone insurance for your device, comparing quotes from leading providers to find a policy that suits both your needs and budget.


Mobile phone insurance could help you to recoup costs in the event your smartphone is stolen or accidentally damaged. Good policies will even protect your phone’s accessories, and you can choose whether to add protection in case you lose your smartphone.


Picking the right phone case


With your mobile phone insurance in place, you’ll want to think about how you can physically protect your device. There are tonnes of phone cases on the market, but not all offer the best level of protection for your smartphone. So, to help you make the right decision, here are five of the best cases you can buy this year.


  1. Spigen Neo Hybrid


Digital Camera World calls the Spigen Neo Hybrid ‘one of the best phone cases for everyday use you can get.’ It’s compatible with most major Apple, Samsung and Android devices, and available in colours including burgundy, jet black, pale dogwood, gunmetal and satin silver. Prices start from £9.99 on Amazon at the time of writing – which, compared to other cases of the same calibre, is pretty cheap.


The Neo Hybrid is famed for its slim grip design, robust shock absorption and dual-layered structure. iMore praises the case for not adding too much bulk to iPhones, and for still being able to use wireless charging with the case intact (for compatible devices).


Though, Digital Camera World notes how, while the Neo Hybrid offers a lot of protection, it’s probably not the best option if you’re extremely accident prone. For these people, it recommends the next case…


  1. OtterBox Defender


Available for most major Samsung, Apple and Android smartphones, the OtterBox is one of the sturdiest cases currently on the market. Its multi-layer design protects your phone against scratches, drops and dust (especially in the ports), while the thick silicone shell and polycarbonate inner are super shock-absorbent.


If you’re keen to protect your camera, this is also a good choice. The case has a decent-sized camera cut-out on the case’s rubber back, which will protect your device’s protruding lenses when you place it on a surface.


The main downside to the case offering the best level of protection is that it’s far bulkier than some of its counterparts. For instance, it’s not the best option if you like to show your device off, or even keep it in your pocket. But if you’ve dropped devices in the past and need a next-to-invincible case, it’s a great choice. Prices start from £34.99 on the OtterBox website.


  1. LifeProof Frē


Do you live life adventurously? If so, you’ll need a phone case that can handle the elements – and the LifeProof Frē promises to do just that.


Reviewing the case, Digital Trends explains that it’s perfect for protecting your phone when skiing or during other adventures in wet or harsh conditions. As the case offers complete coverage, it can also be taken up to two metres underwater for an hour without any damage. Outside Online rated the phone the sleekest, fully-waterproof case of 2019.


Cases are compatible with many of the main iPhone and Samsung models, with prices starting at £69.99.


  1. Moment Pixel Photo Case


Budding photographers and filmmakers will be hard-pressed to find a better case for their Pixel than the Moment Photo Case.


It’s got a thin but durable rubberised body that will safeguard your device against bumps, drops and scratches. The textured back of the case offers a decent amount of grip when using your phone to take photos – but to guarantee you won’t drop your gadget, there’s also a strap attachment at the bottom than can be used with most generic wrist straps.


Here’s what makes the Moment so unique, though: the case’s lens interface in designed in such a way that you can quickly attach one of Moment’s lenses. The end result? Professional-looking photography, shot after shot. Prices start from just over £38 excluding delivery on Amazon.


  1. Spigen Liquid Crystal


If you’re keen to show off your new gadget in all its glory, then you’d be well suited to the clear Liquid Crystal case from Spigen.

Prices on Amazon start from just £7.99 and for that you get a light, durable TPU case that’s grip friendly and stays watermark free, resulting in long-term clarity. It’s easy to put on and take off and is compatible with wireless charging.


The Liquid Crystal case is great for its money, but just bear in mind it’s not the most robust case on the market. But, if you’re extra careful with your tech, then it could offer a sound option.


Mobile insurance from Gadget Cover


Even with the most robust of cases protecting your device, there’s no guarantee that it won’t ever get damaged – and that’s why taking out quality mobile insurance is a must.


If your device is less than 18 months old, Gadget Cover can provide top mobile phone insurance for it, from a leading specialist provider. Our mobile phone insurance policies are packed with a range of benefits as standard, including cover for accidental and liquid damage, as well as theft and cover for your accessories.


Choose Gadget Cover and you’ll get your first month of mobile phone insurance absolutely free, and you’re also entitled to unlimited claims. Get a competitive quote today!

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