Everyone loves to listen to music while exercising – well, the brain has to have something to do while the body pounds the pavement, doesn’t it?  So here’s a selection of the best gadgets to help keep every fitness fanatic on the beat!


First, the music machine itself, and one of the best around is the Pyle PSWP25, a new MP3 player especially designed for athletic types.  Not only does it have impressive player specs – support for both WMA and MP3 formats and 4GB of integrated storage, for example – but it’s waterproof to 3.3m (10 feet) and has a stroke counter (for the swimmers) and also a pedometer, lap counter and ‘calories burnt’ counter (for the runners).  Oh, and up to 10 hours battery life, too.

The PSWP25 comes with both wet and dry use earbuds, of course, but if you want something a bit special to listen through while on dry land, try the Pioneer SE-D10E headphones.  Along with Pioneer’s impressive sound qualities these are sweatproof and have special ‘skull fit’ ear fittings that hook around the ear to make sure they fit comfortably and are almost impossible to dislodge, even during the most strenuous exercise.  For a waterproof equivalent, the Surge Sportwrap 2G waterproof headphones not only have excellent sound both in and out of the water and a full width band connecting the two ear hooks to hold them snugly in place, they also have five sets of earplugs so that the swimmer can use whichever set best suits them.

On the other hand, if there’s no water to worry about, often the best music player is simply your smartphone, as long as you don’t mind it jiggling around in a pocket or having to hold it in your hand. If you do, the Griffin Adidas MiCoach armband fixes just that problem! Simply strap it onto your arm and all of a sudden changing the song, reading your messages or checking your exercise app becomes as easy as, well, falling off a bike…

Of course, nowadays just listening to music isn’t enough for some people; no, they want to record what they see for posterity – or, in the case of cyclists, to prove that the prat in the car who cut them up and sent them flying really was at fault, no matter what they said!  The market leader in shockproof active video cameras has to be GoPro, and their Hero3+ silver edition, with its ability to shoot 1080p video at 60fps and 10 megapixel stills, is an excellent place to start.  Fix one to the bike’s handlebars with a Breffo Adventure Camera Kit (an eight-legged flexible stand) to ensure everything you see is safely recorded and you’re laughing – unlike the prat in the car!

If your personal fitness preference involves lots of thrills, possible spills and adrenaline spikes galore then the last thing you want is to have to hold onto your GoPro in order to get those stunning shots as you fall from a cliff, bounce on an elastic rope below a bridge or hang precariously beneath a hang-glider.  That’s when you need a really serious camera holder – and GoPro supply it, of course.  The GoPro Chesty is a chest harness with a built-in mount for the camera dead centre, perfectly positioned to get every exciting moment ‘on tape’.

Once you’ve picked up all of this kit, you want to make sure you hang onto it, especially since you’ll be pushing it to its limits. The good news is, gadget insurance is pretty affordable these days, and if you look around you can even find a few multi-gadget deals – perfect for protecting all of your gear at once.