Smartphones can be seen practically everywhere. They seem to have become the quintessential fashion accessory. From young to older, the smartphone has taken its place in today’s culture and will not be leaving anytime soon. The smartphone of today does much more than just make a phone call. It is able to complete tasks which were once only suited for laptops or tablets. The true day of the smartphone in society is here.

Smartphones come in a variety of different types. There are handsets specific to business, and handsets which favor personal tasks. There are handsets which fit the mold in a professional setting, and some which match the subculture of urban skateboarder. Simply said, there is a smartphone for every taste and function. In a recent study, the top ten smartphones based on customer reviews were published. The list goes as follows:

1) Apple iPhone 5

2) Samsung Galaxy S3

3) Motorola Droid Razr HD

4) LG Optimus G

5) Google Nexus 4

6) HTC One X

7) Samsung Galaxy Note 2

8) Sony Xperia TL

9) Motorola Atrix HD

10) T-Mobile myTouch 4G

The participants in the study were asked to rate the smartphones based on features like design, accessories, battery life and call quality. Although the Samsung Galaxy line of phones is now outselling Apple iPhones by a wide margin across the globe, based on customer reviews, the Apple line still placed higher based on scores.

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