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Top Tips and Tricks for Facebook Messenger

There’s a plethora of messaging apps available, with Facebook Messenger being one of the most well-known.

Initially the app was unenthusiastically downloaded by people because Facebook stopped allowing users to send or see messages in-app. But it seems the popularity of the app has since grown.

In June last year, the app hit 1 billion monthly active users, joining WhatsApp which had hit the same milestone earlier in the year.

The surge in popularity is perhaps thanks to the app’s additional features, making it more than just a messaging platform. If you’ve not yet uncovered all the app has to offer, follow these tips and tricks – it may just become your go-to app…

Book a restaurant together

Messaging apps have become notorious for ‘group chat’. As well as being used to talk and share memes, group chats are also used to try to arrange group plans… although this can often descend into chaos.

But now you can talk about where to go for dinner, and in the same app, book a table and share it with the group… as long as you have OpenTable app.

Tap the blue plus symbol in the bottom left of the screen, and click the OpenTable extension.

Send Snapchat-style photos

Whether you’re a fan of it or not, there’s no denying Snapchat was revolutionary. So, it’s perhaps not surprising that Facebook has been trying to get in on the action. It added stories on Instagram (owned by Facebook), and Facebook Messenger allows users to send Snapchat-style photos to friends.

To use the feature, open a conversation, tap the camera icon and then add to the image with the smiley face, text and doodle icons at the top right of the screen.

Mute notifications

Whether you need a break from the group chat or need to focus on your work, Facebook Messenger gives you the option to turn off notifications.

Tap the name of the conversation you’d like to mute, tap ‘notifications’, and switch ‘message notifications’ to off. You’ll have an option to turn them off for good or choose from set periods ranging from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

Conduct polls

Trying to organise an event and need to work out a day that works for everyone? Or trying to choose where to go for dinner? Why not create a poll and send it to the group chat?

This feature allows users to create a poll with dates and times as answers or to create custom options. The group chat members then answer by hitting ‘vote’.

Create a multiple-choice question by tapping the plus button and selecting the ‘polls’ option.

Create a Messenger account without Facebook

It may feel like the whole world and their dog is on Facebook, but some people like to steer clear of social media.

If you’re one of those people (we salute you!), you don’t have to miss out on this popular messaging app.

When you’re at the login screen, tap the option that says you don’t have an account and it will allow you to register with your phone number. You’ll be able to find people via your phone’s contacts library.

Keep the app up to date

During its F8 2017 conference, Facebook announced that it would soon be rolling out Facebook Messenger 2.0, so keep your app up to date to make sure you get the most from the messaging platform.

What’s your favourite Facebook Messenger feature?

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