The recent mobile awards not only provided a stage for the winners in various categories, but also showcased a Twitter war of words between two heavyweights in the industry. HTC started the verbal spat when they sent a tweet moments after capturing the award for mobile phone of the year. The HTC One handset won the award and shortly after a tweet boastfully came from the firm responsible for creating it. The firm took an opportunity to let anyone watching know the HTC One is the phone to watch this year and also took a shot at their competitor, Samsung.

Samsung recognized the shot in the side from HTC and quickly responded with a tweet of their own. They mentioned not having any more room to carry awards due to the number of trophies they had taken home earlier in various categories. Then the sharpest comment of all came from HTC. The tweet claimed Samsung paid for positive comments to be broadcasted in the twitter world.

So, we see that the competition between smartphone firms is alive and well, and who is surprised. Handsets come out from all the big firms so fast now that the names of the new devices cannot even be committed to memory before another one comes down the pipeline. Is technology changing that fast or are firms facing so much competition that there is no lag time now between advancements and releases? Whatever the answer, smartphones, laptops and other gadgets are being thrown our way in a fast and furious manner. Protecting these devices is now more important than ever based on our reliance upon them.

Gadget insurance is the most effective method to protecting them from accidental damage and theft. And don’t ever forget about unauthorised phone calls. They are covered as well. Simply put, electronic gadgets are vulnerable based on a fundamental similarity among them all – they come housed with complicated yet sensitive interior mechanisms. They are built to make phone calls, send e-mails, receive texts, and complete other tasks. They are not built to be constantly exposed to moisture or dropped repeatedly from four feet off the ground or accidentally stepped on. Electronic gadgets are made with durability in mind, but only through typical usage.

The investment we make in electronic gadgets is often overlooked. We use these devices now to not only communicate with business and personal contacts but complete mundane tasks like making lists and then checking them off. These devices often cost hundreds of pounds and several weeks of a paycheck. They need to be protected because we cannot live without them. That is exactly what happens though. We start throwing them in our back pocket or a lapel pocket and then start using them in situations which are covered in high risk.

So whether you carry a Samsung Galaxy or an HTC One know you have with you an important asset. And just like all other investments, they need protection. Don’t go another minute without the peace of mind and protection of gadget cover.–