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What is the most durable smartphone?

CAT Smartphone

We all know the feeling. Your phone slides out of your hand onto the pavement and you know, even before bending over to pick it up, the screen has smashed and you’re about to face a hefty bill to fix it. Either that, or you’re staring at a shattered screen for weeks or months, until your contract ends and you can upgrade. It’s so easy to drop and smash your phone, and constant replacements over the years can really add up.


What to do in this situation?

There are two main things that you can do to guard yourself against the annoying moments when your phone ends up being smashed or broken. The first is to make sure you’ve invested in the most durable smartphone possible, so that if you do drop it onto a hard floor it has a lower chance of shattering. The second is to make sure you’ve got good phone insurance in place.

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What features increase a smartphone’s durability?

There are various features that can increase the durability of a smartphone. If you’re prone to dropping your phone or if you’re likely to be using it outdoors or near water, here are some of the things that you’ll definitely want to consider:


Rubber protections

Rubber at the corners of your phone protects both the corners of the handset and the screen, taking the impact and cushioning the phone if it’s dropped on a hard surface.



Lots of the new durable or tough smartphones have a certain level of waterproofing, with some able to survive submergence and others able to withstand water jets. Phones with these protections are a great choice for those who work outdoors or in more industrial settings.

Dropped phone on the beach

A metal frame

This is one of the key factors that improves the durability of a smartphone, protecting the screen from damage.

Two other durability factors that have been flagged as being hugely important to consumers include battery life and phones that don’t scratch easily. A scratched screen or case is hardly an attractive feature and poor battery life could see you spending more money on a replacement battery down the line.


What is the strongest phone?

So which of today’s mobile phones are built well enough to withstand life’s little accidents? Luckily this is a question that the experts have been very happy to look into.

There has been quite a lot of research done to identify the most durable smartphones (sometimes referred to as ‘rugged phones’ or ‘tough phones’) that are available in the UK. These are the ones that come most highly recommended:

  • AGM X3: This smartphone boasts a metal frame, rubber protection on the corners and is waterproof up to 1.5 metres.
  • Doogee S90: Bulky but ambitious, according to TechRadar, with “brilliant” performance in its durability tests.
  • Blackview BV9500: Long battery life and lots of extra features; ideal for use outdoors.
  • Cat S61: Solid and robust, the Cat S61 is able to withstand water jets; it has a metal frame and rubber to absorb shock and TechRadar calls it the “best rugged smartphone on the market”.
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Active: Recommended for those who want a durable smartphone from a well-known brand. As Tom’s Guide says, it has a shatterproof screen and Samsung claims it can withstand a 5-foot drop and a water bath of 5 feet in depth for half an hour.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Active: As above, the S7 survived repeated drops at Tom’s Guide and was waterproof after being submerged for 30 galaxy s8

    Accessories to further protect your smartphone


    Phone case

    Having a smartphone case that can adequately protect your handset is the most basic thing that you can do to guard against accidental breakage. Look for a rubber case that covers the sides of the phone and the corners fully. A rubber case will take more impact than a plastic one if dropped, making it an excellent choice.

    Alternatively, you could go for a leather case that closes to protect your screen when you’re not using your phone.


    Screen protector

    A screen protector might not be something that you immediately consider, but it should be because it can really be your phone’s saving grace. As the price of smartphones increases, a screen protector is becoming an essential part of your phone kit.

    There are various different types, but essentially it’s a thin sheet that sits on top of your phone’s screen and it’s almost invisible to the naked eye once it’s installed. Read more about screen protectors here.

    Screen protectors


    Of course, taking out phone insurance in the UK is a bit of a no-brainer when it comes to protecting your phone against serious damage, loss or theft.

    You’re most likely to use phone insurance to replace your smartphone if it has been lost or stolen (it’s an expensive piece of kit, after all) but if you do want to make a claim for a damaged phone, you should first check out your insurance excess to make sure it’s worth it.

    When it comes to iPhones, screen replacements at the Apple store can cost between £132 and £326, depending on the model and whether your phone is in warranty, whilst phone repair shops might charge between £50 and £70. It’s important to check whether either of these options will cost you less than your excess.


    What else should I know about when looking for phone insurance in the UK?

    The experts at Gadget Cover have created an extensive guide that explains the other things that you need to know when looking for phone insurance, including:

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    • When your cover begins
    • How you can make a claim successfully
    • When your family’s gadgets can be included in your policy
    • Other things that you can do to keep your smartphone and other gadgets safe

    Read the guide here.

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