What Mobile Awards 2015 for Best Value Device

Technology is a massive part of life, we are always connected and we love to have the latest and greatest in tech and gadgetry. And if you managed to score that sweet looking device for an even sweeter price then that is always a big bonus!

Here we take a quick look at the nominated devices in the What Mobile Awards 2015 for Best Value Device. We’ve even added in boxing nicknames into the smartphones, quite apt as they are facing off.

1. ‘Mighty’ Microsoft Lumia 735

What Mobile Awards 2015: Microsoft Lumia 735

Image: Youtube

2. Alcatel One ‘Punch’ Touch Idol 3

What Mobile Awards 2015: Alcatel One Touch Idol 3

Image: Android Central

3. Motorola ‘Magic’ Moto G 4G

What Mobile Awards 2015: Moto G 4G

Image: GSM Arena

4. OnePlus 2 ‘Equals Knockout’

What Mobile Awards 2015: OnePlus 2

Image: OnePlus

5. Acer ‘of Diamonds’ Liquid Jade Z

What Mobile Awards 2015: Acer Liquid Jade Z

Image: Acer

6. ‘Ala’Kazam Tornado 348

What Mobile Awards 2015: Kazam Tornado 348

Image: Notebook Check

These are the devices up for the top prize, have you got a favourite? If you have, make sure you.

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