When can you get your hands on the GoPro Fusion?

When can you get your hands on the GoPro Fusion?

Another week, another company press event. This time, it was the turn of action camera specialists, GoPro.

The company is, arguably, the creator of the adventure camera genre, with GoPro cameras and their accessories being used for everything from paragliding to surfing. And now it seems GoPro is keen to get a slice of the 360-degree camera action with its GoPro Fusion.

GoPro gave the first glimpse of the Fusion back in June, but the company has been working hard on the device since then and has now provided us with more information ahead of its launch.

What can you expect from the Fusion?

The GoPro Fusion is a 5.2K 360-degree camera that also provides directional 360-degree audio as a result of its array of microphones. It can capture 5.2k resolution at 30fps, 3K content at 60fps, and 18MP spherical photos, according to Tech Radar.

It is waterproof at depths of up to 5m (16ft), supports WiFi and Bluetooth, and offers voice control in 10 different languages.

The camera will come with a couple of mounts and a Fusion Grip, which has a tripod base and can extend into a selfie-stick. The company’s newest camera uses the same mounting bracket as other GoPro models, so you can the same mounts you use for your existing GoPro device.

The device, which has two lenses situated on either side of its body, provides automatic digital stabilisation. The company claims that the stability provided through this is close to the level you’d expect to see when using a separate mechanical gimbal.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Fusion is OverCapture, GoPro’s new software feature. This will enable users to take 1080p traditional videos from spherical footage, Slash Gear explained.

With OverCapture, users will be able to decide how they want the spherical video to fit into a standard fixed frame, giving the options to pan, zoom, and pull back into a “little planet” perspective.

In order to use the OverCapture feature, you’ll initially need to use the GoPro desktop app, as the mobile app functionality won’t be ready until early 2018. This will come with a WiFi update that will enable the 5Ghz radio.

And, of coure, the 360-degree capability offers the promise of creating some truly spectacular footage for VR.

Release date

At the press event, GoPro revealed that the Fusion will be launched in November, although a specific date has not yet been confirmed. The company will undoubtedly be hoping to release the device in time for the Christmas season.


You might just want to pop the device on your Christmas list, as it will cost around £520. Having said that, it isn’t an expensive price tag for a 360-degree camera – especially one made of two GoPro cameras.

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