Over the past few years, several mobile phones have been introduced that feature wireless charging, yes, that’s right, wireless charging, its crazy! Although we love the idea it still hasn’t quite caught on… yet.

Being able to charge the phone wirelessly ensures less fiddling with small charging ports and more time pretending you are a character from ‘Star Trek’. So without further ado embrace your inner Captain Kirk with these futuristic handsets.

kirkImage via Destination Innovation

LG G3: Wireless charging pads at the ready!

To charge, simply rest it on the charging pad and it starts functioning within seconds. The LG G3 has a powerful camera, long battery life and high-resolution content, a smart choice with a classy look. Not something you want to lose!

Gadget Insurance, Mr. Bond?

LG G3 - Wireless Charging

Image via Youtube

Google Nexus 5: A great value for money smartphone and it delivers great performance. The phone has a 4.95” display, true HD touch screen and 8 MP camera among other features making it one desirable model!

We love a good smartphone!

Google Nexus 5 - Wireless Charging

Image via Techno Buffalo

Nokia Lumia 928: A Windows phone with built in wireless charging per Qi Standard and several other features like 8.7 PureView camera powered by Carl Zeiss optics, image stabilization and the ability to take fantastic night shots.

Throw in tough & scratch resistant Gorilla glass and you have a decent smartphone!

Google Nexus 5 - Wireless ChargingImage via Tested

Samsung Galaxy S4: A popular choice due to its features like 5.0” touch screen, gorilla glass, 13 MP camera, great screen resolution and more! Did you know? The phone utilises a wireless charging kit. Simply remove the back panel of the phone and rest it on the charger. Simply brilliant.

Samsung-Galaxy-S4 - Wireless ChargingImage via All things D

HTC One M8: Saving the best to last!

This smartphone delivers a great brushed metal design and fantastic features making this handset a standout *round of applause*. The phone also has Qi enabled wireless charging meaning you can charge in a variety of ways. You might become too attached!

HTC One M8 - Wireless Charging


Image via The Gadgeteer

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