Headphones that fall out of the ear are one of audiophiles’ key bugbears, with buds ripping out of ears after the slightest snag, pulling the rubber buds off and scattering them on the floor. Alternatively, they can wriggle out a few paces into a jog and require constant readjustment. Not only is this slightly painful and very irritating, but it can also damage headphones, and while Gadget Cover will ensure you recover the cost of these losses, you will likely prefer to never break them in the first place.


Yurbuds has released a new set of earphones that are specially designed to not fall out. They are intended for the sports market, but have the potential to be a hit among all consumers. The company cites ‘TwistLock’ technology for this ability, explaining this should create a snug, comfortable and secure fit in the human ear.

Not only do Yurbuds have a strange shape, but they are also sweat-resistant and water resistant, so they shouldn’t fall out during long runs or extensive workout sessions. Early reviews indicate they work a charm, even with snags, tugs and sweaty ears.

The audio quality on Yurbuds is also exceptionally clear, with the company both boasting noise-isolating and ambient-aware options; the former is for people who want to block out the external world, while the latter is for athletes who want to hear traffic and external noises.

These headphones come in a range of different styles, costing between $30 and $100 (£20 and £65) and are available internationally.

It looks like the Yurbuds will be a sure-fire hit for runners, and if the technology works as well as it seems to, they will be a success across all sectors.

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