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Camera Insurance

Your camera is essential to capture those nights out, the special occasions, your holiday adventures and, of course, the embarrassing moments you hope never make it onto Facebook. If the embarrassing ones did find their way online, we sympathise with you.

Whether you have a ‘point and shoot’ style camera, a more advanced, professional level camera, our camera policy will ensure you’re covered should anything happen to it.

As well as cover for theft, accidental damage and breakdown, our camera insurance also include up to 90 days of worldwide cover so you can be confident your camera is covered whilst you’re abroad.

Get a quote for camera insurance and see what Gadget Cover can offer you.

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What's Covered

Accidental Damage

We will repair your gadget if it is damaged as the result of an accident. Unlike some insurers, we even cover minor screen cracks. If the item cannot be repaired we will replace it.

Liquid damage

If your gadget has been damaged due to splashes or full immersion we’ll repair it or replace it.


Repair or replace your gadget if something goes wrong with it. (except laptops).

Unauthorised usage

We’ll pay for unauthorised calls and data usage from your device, when it has been lost or stolen, up to £2,500.

Loss (optional)

If you selected to pay an additional premium and lose your gadget, we will replace it (mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches only).


If your gadget is stolen, we will replace it.


We’ll replace any accessories (up to £150) if they are lost, stolen or damaged at the same time as your gadget.

Worldwide cover

Cover is extended to include use of your gadget anywhere in the world, up to 180 days in any 1 year.

Family cover

Your gadget cover is extended to your immediate family. If your partner loses or damages your phone you’re also covered!

E-wallet cover

If your gadget is accidentally lost or stolen, we will refund the cost of unauthorised transactions made using your e-Wallet facility up to a maximum of £500.