Fraud Prevention

Preventing insurance fraud to keep policy premiums low.

In order to reduce the number of fraudulent claims we receive, the claims team at Gadget Cover reserve the right to....

  • carry out telephone claim interviews
  • contact mobile networks, the police, recycling databases and other insurers to prevent the handsets or other devices being used once a claim has been made and to prevent more than one claim being made on the same gadget
  • take legal action against those who are found to have committed fraud

Our fraud prevention measures aim to prevent fraudsters insuring gadgets and making fraudulent claims. By doing so we can provide legitimate customers with the lowest premium possible.

False Reporting

It is important for members of the public to remember that the reporting of any lost property to the Police as a theft is an offence.

Unfortunately, we have discovered that a small proportion of people are intent on making such false claims, usually in an effort to upgrade or replace their mobile phones. This is a serious offence and wastes a considerable amount of police time and resources that could be better spent helping genuine victims and catching real criminals.

Source: Met Police's National Mobile Phone Crime Unit (NMPCU)