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How your iPhone can help your healthy eating and exercise plans

  • Harry Brown |
  • 24 July 2019 |
  • Categories: apps, iphone, wellness

Following a healthy eating and exercise plan isn’t always easy. We all struggle to stick to fitness regimes that we put in place....

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New law aims to improve gadget security

  • Harriet Rutherford |
  • 10 February 2020 |
  • Categories: camera insurance, gadget cover, gadget insurance, health & fitness gadget insurance, insurance, internet connceted gadgets, television insurance

Internet-connected household devices would be better protected from hacking under proposals from the UK government. A growing number of everyday devices — including televisions, cameras...

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Phones are making kids grow horns? Not quite

  • Harry Brown |
  • 24 June 2019 |
  • Categories: mobile phone

Two health science researchers at Australia’s University of the Sunshine Coast, David Shahar and Mark Sayers, made this discovery after examining hundreds of x-rays of people’s skulls and spines....

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How to use parental controls on a smartphone

  • |
  • 14 May 2020 |
  • Categories:

For anyone with kids, you’ll know that trying to ensure they maintain safe and healthy technology usage can be very tricky....

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