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Battle of the Phone Cases: Which Type is Best for Your Device?

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Still carrying your phone around without a case? It’s time to protect your tech with one of these best buys.

Modern phones boast phenomenal durability but that doesn’t mean they’re immune from damage. Even when you’ve got excellent iPhone 14 insurance in place, the sound of your top-of-the-range gadget crashing to the floor is something no one wants to hear!

But it’s not just unexpected drops you need to guard against. Find out more in our Gadget Cover guide and get covered in more ways than one!

6 reasons you should never leave home without a phone case

We can all agree there’s nothing quite like unboxing your phone for the first time – those fresh phone ‘feels’ really can’t be beaten. And when something looks as good as this, who would want to cover it up with a bulky case?

We can understand this feeling, but it only takes one drop, fall, crack or toilet dive to see you facing a potentially unusable device and a big repair bill. Here are six must-read reasons why a phone case should be top of your to-buy list.

  1. Impact protection

Every phone user has done it. Whether rushing to an appointment or juggling family life, a moment's distraction can easily cause your phone to slip from your fingers and crash to the floor.

Having a decent phone case and screen protector in place will drastically cut the chances of denting and damaging that beautiful body or finding your screen shattered into a million pieces. Probably the number one reason to grab yourself a phone case now. 

When it comes to phone safety then be sure to read some of the helpful articles on the Gadget Cover website. Whether or not you follow all of the 24 tips for phone safety we recommend, if you haven’t got the right iPhone 14 insurance policy then all your efforts could be for nothing.

  1. Keeping safe from the elements

While many flagship phones offer decent water and dust resistance as standard, adding a phone case can provide an extra layer of protection. Indeed, if you spend a lot of time outdoors or around water then consider investing in a so-called ‘rugged’ case or one that offers waterproofing.

Having a phone case and knowing the signs of water damage on a phone are both important tools in your gadget protection armoury. But so is having Android or iPhone insurance that covers water damage.

Whether you’ve been caught out by the great British weather or dropped your phone down a toilet bowl, you’ll want your iPhone 14 insurance to cover you for damage from the wet stuff as well.

  1. Affordable security

With their edge-to-edge screens, glass bodies and multiple camera lenses, the phones of today can be an expensive item to carry with you on your travels.

When you consider that a full-body case could cost you as little as a few good lattes from your favourite coffee shop, even the very best phone cases offer affordable security.

  1. Looks and feels great

Yes, many phones are stunning works of design and engineering art, but putting them in a case doesn’t mean you have to hide their beauty. For example, there are clear cases so you’ll hardly know they’re there or artist-designed cases that might even add to your phone’s unique identity.

Indeed, some might even enhance the feel of your phone with super smooth silicone, classy leather or even wood!     

  1. Maintains resale value

Knowing how to sell your mobile phone for the best price is a great way to get some much-need cash and off-set the cost of a new phone. And making sure your older phone is in the best shape possible will mean a much better price for you and a better device for them.

If you are wondering if it is worth buying the iPhone 14 or should you stick with the iPhone 13 then read our recent Gadget Cover article. Be aware, while the differences between the phone models may be subtle, even a slight change means a new phone case is needed to protect your treasured tech.

  1. Complements your phone insurance

Depending on the policy you pick, phone insurance cover can only go so far when it comes to protecting your device. Choosing a phone case from one of the brands below is a great way to boost your protection.

Remember, many phone cases also have other advantages:

  • Wallet cases can help you store cards.
  • Eco-friendly cases made from recycled materials are better for the environment.
  • Some cases are compatible with Apple’s MagSafe ecosystem.
  • Battery cases can provide an extra power boost when you’re on a long trip.

Best phone case brands and why we love them

Just as there are some big rivalries in the smartphone world, the phone case market also has its own challengers for the top spot on best buy tables. So, when it comes to deciding between competing products, working out which will be right for you can be tricky.

Here’s a run down of some of the best phone case brands out there and why we love them so much!

Best for all-round protection - Otterbox

A giant in the phone case space, Otterbox specialises in heavy-duty cases that are sure to keep your phone protected during accidental bumps and drops. Although they can be on the pricey side and aren’t always the most eye-catching.

But if you want to keep your expensive phone undamaged for as long as possible then they could be a wise choice. The company makes cases for all the leading phone brands, and offers a variety of different models to choose from, including the very heavy-duty Defender series.

Looking for something lightweight but still offering great protection? Then the Commuter and Symmetry series are worth considering. The experts at Tech Advisor recommends the Otterbox Symmetry as one of the best phone cases available right now.

Complement your new case with iPhone 14 insurance now.

Best for Samsung fans - Spigen

Spigen cases are a popular and affordable choice for a wide range of phones, and if you’re the proud owner of a Samsung phone then you won’t be disappointed. The company offers an excellent range of cases, ranging from the ultra-thin Thin Fit and Air Armor models to clear models like the Liquid Crystal and Ultra Hybrid.

For everyday protection we love the Rugged Armor model, with its carbon-fibre elements on the back and the raised lip around the display to help prevent damage to your screen. But if you’re looking for something ultra-rugged then the Tough Armor is excellent and features a built-in kickstand. It’s also recommended by the Tom’s Guide testers.

The only downside of Spigen cases is they don’t offer the best colour options – you’ll tend to be limited to a choice between black or grey colourways.

As you’d expect, Samsung also sells a range of great phone cases custom-made for its phones.

For iPhone enthusiasts – Speck

While we love Apple’s own home-grown range of iPhone cases, a great alternative brand is Speck. The Presidio Grip is one of its most popular models and features raised ridges on the back to help with grip.

Available as a clear option to show off your iPhone’s colourway it also comes in a variety of shades. Some models even come with an anti-microbial coating to protect you against any nasties growing on your phone’s cover!

Come to think of it, when was the last time you cleaned your iPhone?

For other phone case brands that could protect your brand new iPhone 14 through the rest of 2023, those thoughtful peeps at Good Housekeeping have put together this list of 12 great iPhone cases.

For adventure lovers – LifeProof

For those with a sense of adventure who want to explore all the world has to offer then Lifeproof’s signature FRĒ and NÜÜD series cases are definitely worth considering. Some of the few genuinely waterproof cases out there, these cases should be able to handle whatever you can throw at them – although they are on the expensive side.

For camera buffs – Moment

Keen photographers and filmmakers will be hard-pressed to find a better brand for their next phone case than Moment. Well known for its range of phone camera accessories, Moment also makes some excellent cases to attach them to as well.

For eco-conscious techies – Pela

In an effort to combat the amount of waste we produce, eco-friendly brand Pela offers a wide variety of designs of its compostable phone cases. While the cases aren’t cheap, they feel great, look great and are noticeably higher-quality than most.

For fashionistas - CASETiFY

Reviewers at Radio Times love CASETiFY’s huge range of fun and funky custom cases, and we have to agree. While designs are limited to iPhone, Samsung and Google devices, you can choose from a bewildering array of custom text, colour, and more for nearly every case.

Find iPhone 14 insurance at Gadget Cover

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Policies arranged through us can protect against accidental damage, liquid damage, theft, breakdown and unauthorised usage.

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