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Black Friday tips and tricks

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As a nation of bargain hunters and tech lovers many of us will wait all year for the Black Friday shopping season to arrive. With our minds filled with the hope of grabbing the very best deal on the latest phones, a new Smart TV, or the latest must-have gadget the event has become hugely popular.

This year, just like any other, will bring a whole host of temptations for shoppers as well as potential pitfalls. If you’re looking to pick up some Black Friday deals then read our tips and tricks to help you stay ahead of the mayhem and shop like a pro.

With the latest phones a popular choice to entice shoppers, make sure you’ve got the best   in place to protect your latest purchase.


What is Black Friday and when is it happening this year?

Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year where UK retailers heavily reduce their prices on select items in a bid to part shoppers from their cash. It falls every year on the last Friday in November, perfect for early Christmas bargains!

The event this year will therefore fall on 27th November, so get it in your diary now. 

Even if you miss out there’s no reason to despair. Online-only Cyber Monday begins three days after Black Friday so you still have a chance to pick up a bargain.

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When should you start looking for Black Friday deals?

It’s a mistake to leave your bargain hunting until the last minute. Over recent years, particularly online, retailers have begun their sales earlier and earlier in the hope of luring in customers first.

For example, the big mobile phone retailers tend to begin offering Black Friday deals in the week leading up to the event. However, mobile networks and plan providers have tended to wait for Black Friday itself, with some even waiting to launch deals on Cyber Monday.

Start your hunt by checking out some of the top retailers’ websites in the weeks beforehand. For mobile phones these include:


Are there any tips and tricks to getting the best deals?

Follow our top tips and tricks and you’ll be sure to bag a bargain during the Black Friday event.


Make a list and stick to your budget

It’s very easy to get carried away when you see massive price reductions and fantastic offers. However, just because something’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s a great bargain. Get to know your target products beforehand so you’re best placed to spot a genuine deal.


Watch out for unknown brands

If you’re in the market for an iPhone or a Samsung then you shouldn’t have to worry as you’ll know the brand. However, sometimes you might come across an amazing deal from an unknown manufacturer. Take care, there might be a reason it’s not a household name!


Research price history

Websites such as PriceRunner will let you check the price history of millions of products. This is well worth doing as in 2019, Which? found that most Black Friday deals it investigated were cheaper, or the same price, at other times of the year.

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Compare retailers

During the thrill of the bargain hunt this is a really basic check many shoppers forget to perform. Not only will it help you get the best price but it will also give you a back up if your preferred retailer can’t come up with the goods.


Look for a price match

One of the big fears of bargain hunters is finding the product cheaper elsewhere. A good way to get peace of mind is to shop with retailers who offer match prices.


Set up an online shopping account

The sheer numbers of online shoppers during Black Friday means sometimes websites can come to a complete standstill.

Do you really want to spend valuable time setting up an account with the retailer? And potentially miss out on a great bargain? Avoid this by completing your details beforehand.

You may prefer to head out to the high street to bag yourself a deal. For those with iPhone insurance, if your gadget is accidentally lost or stolen while shopping, Gadget Cover will refund the cost of unauthorised transactions made using your e-Wallet facility up to a maximum of £500.


Check the deal is genuine

Retailers can sometimes exaggerate the deal you're getting. Don’t be swayed by an apparently huge reduction on the RRP or previous price. Instead focus on the current price and whether you think the gadget is really worth it.


Don’t forget about Cyber Monday

If you're hoping to bag a new laptop or a pair of swish noise-cancelling headphones then Black Friday is historically the best time to pick up a deal. However, there are always plenty of tech offers during the Cyber Monday event, too.

Many retailers offer a continuation of their Black Friday deals into Cyber Monday, sometimes dropping prices even further. However, be warned as hot ticket items like the AirPods and AirPods Pro, for example, are very likely to sell out quickly. Sometimes, waiting for a better deal isn’t the best option!

If you do invest in some swanky new accessories for your phone, remember that Gadget Cover can protect those, too. For iPhone insurance policyholders we will replace any accessories (up to £150) if they are lost, stolen or damaged at the same time as your gadget.

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Get iPhone insurance from Gadget Cover

From e-banking and online shopping to making calls and sending texts, we rely on our mobile phones for so much. Wise iPhone owners will always protect their device from the risk of being damaged, lost or stolen.

Policies arranged through Gadget Cover can include protection from accidental damage, liquid damage, theft, breakdown and unauthorised usage. Plus, if you choose to pay an extra premium your iPhone can also be covered against loss.

Get a quick quote from Gadget Cover today.

Policy benefits, features and discounts offered may very between insurance schemes or cover selected and are subject to underwriting criteria. Information contained within this article is accurate at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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