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New Samsung feature helps you find offline devices

If you misplace your phone, ‘find my’ services can help you locate it — but those mostly work only if the device is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular.

For Samsung Galaxy owners, however, the chances of finding a lost phone are now higher as a new app update from Samsung can help trace Galaxy devices even when they are offline.

According to XDA Developers, the latest update for the Find My Mobile app (version adds a new ‘offline finding’ feature that will help you find your phone using someone else’s Galaxy device, even when your device isn’t connected to a network. The feature will also let other users use your phone to scan for lost Galaxy devices that may be nearby, and help you find Galaxy watches and earbuds that you’ve used recently.

The feature was first spotted by Max Weinbach of XDA Developers, who revealed that users will see a notification for the new feature when they receive the latest Find My Mobile update on their Samsung Galaxy device. Find My Mobile allows you to locate, lock and/or wipe your device remotely, amongst other functions.

Tapping on the notification will open up the settings page, where you can enable offline finding. You’ll also be able to encrypt your offline location from the same settings page.

As SlashGear explains, the update essentially turns any Samsung Galaxy device into a Bluetooth beacon.

Once the feature is turned on, you’ll be able to find your phone even if it’s not connected to a network. Your phone will also be able to scan for other devices, meaning you’ll be able to help others find their lost phones if you’re in range of them.

iPhone users running iOS 13 already have the ability to find a missing iPhone that is offline, provided the handset is powered on, PhoneArena notes. To enable this on your iPhone, go to Settings > Tap your name at the top of the screen > Tap on Find My > Tap Find My iPhone > Toggle on Find My iPhone > Enable offline finding > Send Last Location.

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