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Top 10 iPhone power banks for your holiday

Power bank

Even if you think of holidays as a chance to ‘switch off’ from all those daily, digital distractions, you can’t deny that iPhones are extremely handy travel companions.

We use our iPhones to play music as we’re relaxing poolside. We use them to book day trips and transport, navigate to local landmarks and read reviews of restaurants nearby.

And because image quality on iPhones is so good – particularly on the latest models – they usually double up as our cameras, too. Meaning we can leave the bulky DSLR at home!

If you’ve got an iPhone you’re planning to take on your travels, you need to make sure it’s covered with the right level of insurance. Gadget Cover can arrange iPhone insurance with the right policy, for the right price.

As well as covering accidental damage and theft, policies arranged through us include worldwide cover. This means that your gadget will be covered anywhere in the world for up to 180 days in any one year (terms apply).

Stay in charge

If you’re using your iPhone to record videos, take pictures and play music, the battery is likely to die – fast. That’s why you should really consider packing a power bank; these portable devices boost your phone’s battery on the move.

With a power bank packed, you won’t need to worry about your phone losing juice when you’re nowhere near a plug socket! It also means you won’t need to limit your phone use because you’re worried about it going flat.

There are tonnes of power banks out there, which can make it hard to choose the right one. That’s why we thought we’d round up our top ten power banks that can be used with iPhones.


  1. Zendure A2 Power Bank – RRP £49.99 (Amazon)

PC Advisor rated the Zendure A2 the top power bank four years in a row, from 2014-2018. As well as being one of the most durable power banks on the market, it’s also super lightweight, making it ideal for your travels. In fact, the A2 is one of the smallest and lightest power banks that has a 6700mAh capacity. The single USB port cleverly detects your device and adjusts the output to charge at max speed.


  1. Anker PowerCore II 10000 Ultra Slim – RRP £25.99 (Amazon)

While the size is a big factor when comparing travel power banks, you also want to know your device can fit in multiple charges of your iPhone. For that, the Anker Powercore II 1000 Ultra Slim is a great choice; it can fully charge the iPhone 8 an impressive 3.5+ times. Its size also means it can fit in your pocket, so is great for charging on-the-move.


  1. iMuto 20,000mAh power bank – RRP £25.99 (Amazon)

The iMuto came top of this best portable charger list by TechRadar, which praises the device for its ability to charge the average smartphone four and sometimes more times. The good thing about this power bank is that it can also boost MacBooks, if you’re thinking of taking your laptop with you – but you should check your particular model is compatible before you buy.


  1. Aukey power bank 20,000mAh – RRP £30.99 (Amazon)

Also on TechRadar’s list is this Aukey power bank. Some people might be put off by its block design, but the great thing about it is that you can boost two devices at the same time, thanks to its dual charging ports. It also features in-built safeguards that prevent your devices from excessive current, overheating and overcharging.


  1. Luxtude PowerEasy 500mAh Ultra Slim – RRP £25.99 (Amazon)

The Luxtude PowerEasy is an Apple-certified portable charger that offers super-quick charging for all iPhones. In fact, the manufacturer claims it can boost your smartphone twice as fast as the original charger with original cable. Its design is very similar to that of the iPhone, making it easy to handle both at the same time.


  1. QDOS Qi AirBank 500mAh Wireless power bank – RRP £49.99

Like many other new power bank releases, the QDOS Qi can wirelessly charge compatible smartphones as well as devices via USB cable. As Tech Advisor points out, the Qi charging is a little slow, but it does mean that two devices can be boosted simultaneously. The power bank has six rubber suckers on each side to hold your phone in place – a feature you might like the look of, or not!


  1. Aibocn Small Power Bank 1000mAh – RRP £8.99 (Amazon)

This Aibocn power bank costs just £8.99 – so is a great option if you’re on a budget. It’s a high-speed charger capable of boosting some iPhone models three to four times before it needs a top-up. If you need a power bank for an upcoming camping trip, this one has an in-built torch – handy for those late-night trips to the loo!


  1. Poweradd Slim 2 – RRP £7.99 (Amazon)

When space is really at a premium, the Poweradd Slim 2 is your power bank. As Tom’s Guide points out, the Slim 2 holds around a third more power than similar-size devices, while charging times are just as quick. It’s capable of boosting an iPhone or 7 or 8 twice, and comes with a two-year limited product warranty.


  1. mophie Powerstation Wireless – RRP £89.95 (Apple)

Available from the Apple online store, this mophie powerstation lets you boost your iPhone and iPad on the go. It’s a high-capacity 10,000mAh unit that can provide up to 34 extra hours for your iPhone X. Just place your Qi-enabled device on the charging pad, push the button and start charging! The device also includes a 10W port for charging wired tech.


  1. Bonai Portable Phone Charger 5800mAh – RRP £14.99 (Amazon)

This Bonai power bank is another great choice if you’re looking for a super-small charger. It’s able to provide around two charges to an iPhone and has built-in safeguards to protect your device from excessive current or overheating. We like the colour options available – choose from standard black or silver, or opt for red, mint green, purple or rose gold.

Protect your gadgets with iPhone insurance

Whichever power bank you purchase, remember to compare iPhone insurance with Gadget Cover before you go. We can set you up with a policy that’ll protect your device during your trip. Get a quote for iPhone insurance today!

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