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What’s the best iPhone colour?

Ask any tech geek what’s the best phone in the world and something from the latest iPhone 12 flagship family is bound to be very near the top. But when you ask what’s the best iPhone colour, the responses might not be so unanimous. If you’re having a difficult time choosing from the ever-changing range of iPhone colours on offer, then you’ve come to the right place for help.

Make picking out the perfect colour a breeze with Gadget Cover’s guide to the best iPhone colours currently available. Hopefully it’ll make the process almost as easy as finding the right iPhone insurance.

iPhone Range

All the colours of the rainbow – what’s currently on offer and how they compare

With the whole iPhone family offering great value for your investment, in many respects the range of colours on offer is of more interest than any slight tweak of the specs. Indeed, whenever a new iPhone launch is awaited, rumours of new and returning hues are among the most eagerly discussed topics.

We can all understand this fascination. After all, while anticipated features like faster refresh rates and better cameras mean sometimes subtle improvements, there’s no avoiding an iPhone's colour. It’s the first thing you notice when you open the box. And it’ll be the same for however long you’re together.

While whichever iPhone you choose will have the same excellent technology inside, choosing the perfect colour is an essential part of the buying process. Read on for our ultimate guide to iPhone colours and pick your favourite today!


From dresses, suits and shoes to cars and furniture it can come as no surprise that black is one of the perennial colour favourites among Apple fans, too. This classic shade goes with everything, is great at hiding scuffs and stains and lets everyone know you mean business.


Oozing class and finesse, white is a stunning colour that stands out from the crowd. If you’re looking for minimalist calm then look no further.

Space Grey

If you’re looking to preserve your iPhone’s future resale value and steer clear of any fashion faux pas, then Space Grey is the colour for you. Along with black it’s probably the safest bet when it comes to iPhone colours for both personal and professional use.


Iconic is a perfect word to describe the Apple iPhone design aesthetic. Add to this the equally elegant Graphite colour in the new iPhone 12 Pro range, and you have a gadget with seriously timeless beauty. Like the Black and Space Grey iPhones before it, a Graphite iPhone 12 Pro oozes traditional elegance. Stunning, and probably the one to pick for most choosy customers.


Silver has been a popular choice among iPhone fans for many years. It’s great for those who are looking for calm understatement. But on a top-of-the-line iPhone it still stands out and pretty much goes with any outfit. For those times when you really want to make a statement, team it with an unusual case or cover and soak up the admiring glances.


Somewhat bolder and brassier than silver, gold is yet another timeless choice for the ages. Whether you pick the slightly lighter finish of the iPhone 12 Pro series or the darker finish of earlier handsets, you’re on to a winner with this metallic hue. Perfect for Instagram-ready close-ups!


Developed in 2006 as part of Apple’s fight against HIV, (PRODUCT) RED is a registered trademark of Apple. This means PRODUCT (RED) is only available on Apple products. From iPhones and Apple watches to exclusive covers and straps, every time you buy a product in this spicy hot colour Apple will donate to the fight against HIV. In 2020, this donation scheme was extended to the global fight against COVID-19.

Pacific Blue

Every year a new hue is an eagerly anticipated event at the iPhone launch in September. In 2020, it was the distinctive and dark Pacific Blue colour that hogged the limelight. For anyone looking for something brand new and different then Pacific Blue was the number one choice. And it also looked fabulous, particularly when paired with a great case. A real head turner!


In any survey of favourite colours, blue is regularly found to be one of the world’s favourites. Promoting reassurance, calmness and confidence, blue was declared the most popular colour of 2021 by colour experts Pantone. It also promotes connections with others, reflection, stability, and resilience. Wow, who would have thought a simple colour could make such a big difference!

Blue iPhone

Midnight Green

The year before Pacific Blue launched, Midnight Green was the colour that took the phone industry by surprise. Available with the iPhone 11 Pro series, it quickly became the second most popular shade for new iPhone buyers looking for something different.


We love this fresh minty green hue from the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini handsets. This bright and wild colour might not be for every one but for us it gets a big thumbs up! Be aware, it can show up scuffs easily so a case is an essential.


Another of the more radical colours of iPhones. Owning a yellow phone is always going to make a statement and say you’re a person who loves bright days and sunny smiles. If you love a vibrant, buttercup yellow then the iPhone XR would be perfect. While the iPhone 11 came in a gorgeously understated pastel shade. Yellow will stand out from the crowd so make sure your device is protected from thieves with some iPhone insurance.


The iPhone XR had some stunning and unique colour choices including this coral pink hue. It's always summer with this model around!


Sometimes Apple likes to throw a perfectly weighted curve ball. And in Spring 2021 the stunning lavender shade of iPhone 12 arrived months after the other iPhone colours had launched. What a nice little hint of exclusivity for those who were late to the iPhone 12 party. Fingers crossed for similar surprises with the iPhone 13!

But whichever colour you choose, happy shopping and enjoy your new iPhone! Just don’t forget to protect it with iPhone insurance.

iPhone 13 colour rumours

With the launch of the next iPhone flagship just around the corner, what new colours could be available if you wait a bit longer? Most of the tech industry press have focused on rumours about popular issues such as the shrinking notch. Or even the powerful new A15 processor that's likely to drive technophiles wild this autumn.

So, the rumour mill has been relatively quiet when it comes to potential new hues or finishes. That said, there are a few potential whispers to get the attention of the truly colour obsessed.

Those classy mainstays of the Apple colour palette, Space Grey and Graphite, could be bowing out this year. To be replaced with a sexy black matte look instead.

A further, even more tantalising, rumour suggests a bronze or orange option could be added to the iPhone 13 Pro line-up. Although this sounds like something Apple is just discussing and might be dropped before the final iPhone 13 Pro colours are revealed.

Do these suggestions sound convincing? Well, looking at the past few years of iPhone releases, it’s possible to make out some patterns when it comes to colour offerings.

Usually, the standard and mini iPhone models feature brighter, fun colours, while the Pro phones tend to offer a more business-like look. When someone is paying over £1,000 for a new iPhone, they’re probably more likely to mean business!

If you’re in the market for a standard or mini iPhone then you’ll usually have a choice of six colours. White, black and PRODUCT [RED] options are always available, while green, blue, and purple may also be offered, too.

For those seduced by the power of the iPhone Pro models you’ll be looking at a more restricted palette of three or four colours. Graphite, silver and gold tend to stay in the mix year after year, with one wilder colour choice to get people excited.

Covers to complement your colourful phone

Appreciating any of these fabulous paint jobs is hard to do when your phone is covered up by a phone case or cover. What’s the point of investing the time and money in a colourful phone if you haven’t got the right case to show it off?

Apple is aware of this and produces a range of stunning colour cases in both silicone and leather that’ll be sure to complement your gorgeous gadget. Or you could even opt for a clear case that will let your iPhone's colour be the true star of the show. Oh dear! Have we just given you yet more choices? Sorry!

Using a cover and screen protector is only one way to protect your screen – the other is to get iPhone insurance from Gadget Cover. Even minor screen cracks are covered by us. And if the item is damaged beyond repair we'll just replace it – job done!

Screen display colour options on your iPhone

And it’s not just the iPhone itself that comes in a range of colours. There are also a range of Apple colour settings to make the iPhone's display even more user friendly for those with particular sight needs.

Users can now invert the colours on the screen to make it easier to read if you have low vision or sensitivity to certain bright colours. You can also use the ‘reduce white point’ option to lower the intensity of brighter colours, or apply colour filters and tints to the screen to accommodate colour blindness and vision impairments.

How do you invert the colours on an iPhone?

Reduce eye strain by inverting the colours on your iPhone's display in one of two ways, with either the Classic Invert or Smart Invert option.

The difference between the two is that Classic Invert inverts all colours, including those on images and videos. While the clever team at Apple came up with Smart Invert so you can continue to see media the way it was intended, leaving the rest of the iPhone's interface adapted to your colour needs. To invert colours, do the following:

  • Open Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations.
  • Select Invert Colours.
  • Choose Classic or Smart Invert by toggling the button.

What’s the white point on an iPhone?

While dimming the screen with the brightness slider is useful, unfortunately it makes everything else darker and harder to see. Instead, simply dim the white point using the Apple accessibility options by doing the following:

  • Open Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations.
  • Select Reduce White Point by toggling the button.
  • Use the slider to choose the white point best suited to your vision.

Changing the tint on an iPhone

According to Colour Blind Awareness there are around three million colour-blind people in the UK alone. To ensure their products are accessible to all users, Apple developed colour filters so those with visual impairments like colour blindness can also see and use the incredible iPhone displays. To adjust the colours on your iPhone, do the following:

  • Open Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations.
  • Select Colour Filters and toggle the button.
  • Choose the colour filter best suited to your sight needs. There are several options.
  • Users with protanopia should select the Red/Green Filter.
  • Users with deuteranopia should select the Green/Red Filter.
  • Users with tritanopia should select the Blue/Yellow Filter.
  • Users with specific light or colour sensitivities should select Colour Tint.
  • Use the slider at the bottom of the screen to customise the colour intensity.

Protect your new handset with iPhone insurance

From Coral Pink to Matte Black, iPhones are some of the best smartphones money can buy. That’s why Gadget Cover is always searching for the right iPhone insurance policies suitable for your device, individual requirements and budget.

Cover can include protection against accidental damage, liquid damage, theft, breakdown and unauthorised usage as standard. And for an extra premium, your iPhone will be covered against loss, too.

Additional benefits include family cover to extend protection to your immediate family.

Get a quote for iPhone insurance from Gadget Cover today.

Policy benefits, features and discounts offered may very between insurance schemes or cover selected and are subject to underwriting criteria. Information contained within this article is accurate at the time of publishing but may be subject to change.

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